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Sounders back; Schmid updates personnel

The Sounders are back from their 12-day trip, have finished their one brief training session, and will be on the CLink pitch against Chivas USA tomorrow.

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say:

On the 1-2 trip: The league matches didn’t go the way we wanted them to go for sure. The Open Cup was a great victory. Twelve days on the road, it’s a reality, it’s a long time being on the road, being in hotels, occupying your time, and you really couldn’t train, per se. But we’re happy to be back at home. We’re still in first place, and we need to hold on to that as we move forward. We know the last two games are not reflective of what we’re capable of.

On giving up seven goals in two games: Defense is everybody. You win as a team, you score goals as a team, and you defend as a team. It’s not just the four guys in the back, or the goalkeeper, or the two center backs or anything like that. It’s us as a team. I really didn’t think we gave away that many chances in Dallas. They did a good job of converting their chances. We’ve talked about some of the things that as a team we need to do better to make sure that those chances that they did get don’t happen and that they can’t convert them. So again, it was really a 2-1 game: The other goal came late. And we know we’ve got to tighten it up defensively. But it’s a team effort for us defensively, it’s not just the center backs or the outside backs or the goalkeeper. It’s all the players.

On Zach Scott's injured ankle: We’ll know more. He had a CT scan this morning, so we’ll know more after that. Doctors are looking at him, so we’ll have a better idea. We think it’s just jammed. Just the way he came down on it, he got bumped in the air and landed on his heel. And he’s got an ankle that’s a little arthritic as it is, and it just jammed things up. But I’ve got no timeline or anything like that.

On the arrival of newly signed defender Onyekachi Apam: We hope he should be here next week for training.

On his lineup in what will be fourth game in 12 days: We’ll see. We wanted to see how guys got through today. We’ll check on some things and we’ll come up with a lineup. But we know it’s an important game for us on Saturday. We also know it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, and then we get a break after this game – a break meaning we go into a regular week-to-week schedule and we can actually train a little bit and recover a little bit. So the guys are ready to go, and we’ll put out the best team we can put out on the field.