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Dempsey: "I thought we showed character"

Here's more of what the Sounders had to say today after coming from behind twice to beat Chivas USA, 4-2.

Clint Dempsey – Sounders FC Forward(On the game…) "I thought we showed character in terms of coming back twice from being down. We just need to do a better job of during things up in the back, but I'm happy with the win and continuing our form at home, and keeping our position at the top of MLS."

(On the defense…) "We had to shuffle things around a little bit, and sometimes it might just be the reps of everybody getting used to each other in those positions because they changed the back line up a few times. We'll get it right, I'm not worried about it."

(On the physical toll has the team taken with all of the traveling and five games in the past 16 games…) "Me, personally, I feel good. I was able to get a little bit of a rest at the New York game. Most importantly of that road trip we had, we won the U.S. Open Cup and now we're still in first place. We won at home and now we have four games left so now it's just making sure that we get the right results in those matches and that we secure home field advantage in the playoffs."

(On if it feels good to get a rest with a couple of days off…) "Yeah for sure. We're going to be back on the road again going to Colorado, that's a team that gave us problems last season when we traveled there so we'll be looking to try and correct that."

DeAndre Yedlin – Sounders FC Defender(On Martins setting the club record for goals…) “Both Obafemi and Clint are those playmakers that pull rabbits out of their hats, you just don’t know how. You need one of those guys on your team and luckily we have two of them, those two are so key for us and we’re happy to have them.”

(On injuries and lineup changes affecting the backline…) “Yes it can be, chemistry plays a big part, but as a pro you have to adjust to who you’re playing with. I thought we did a lot better in the second half, It’s something that we will continue to work on and try to keep improving.”

Brad Evans – Sounders FC Midfielder(On the physical toll on last road trip…) “Yeah it wears on the team, absolutely thankfully that we have two days off now. The biggest things was playing in Dallas, flying home and only having one day to prepare for this game and then having to play at 1 pm instead of 7pm. You get the extra time to let the body relax a bit, but if the turnaround is that fast it’s important to get a result and it makes everything that much better, makes your body feel better. So we look forward to the two days and then it’s back to work.”

(On Micheal Azira performance…) “I felt confident with Azira in there, he’s a ball winner, he’s smart and smooth on the ball, he’s able to shake defenders off and he adds a little something else to our game. When we add Rose in that position he gets forward more, with Pineda he’s a bit more creative, and Azira sits little bit, more defending and waits for the counter attack. No matter who we add in there I think it complements our team very and doesn’t change too much how we play.”

Lamar Neagle – Sounders FC Midfielder/Forward(On the team’s mindset going into the half…) “We were more disappointed in the goals that we gave up. We’ve given up easy goals and we definitely need to lock it down. They say that defense wins championships, and we know that we’re going to score because we have the talent to do so, we just have to pick up mentally on defense.”

(On the play of Obafemi Martins…) “He’s a great player, you can see that and everybody knows that. It’s not a surprise that he’s scoring so many goals, he pops up in the right places and does everything the right way.”

(On his game has catching some rhythm…) “A little bit, but I don’t think I’m catching Obafemi anytime soon. I went through a streak where I didn’t have any goals or assist and now I have a few, so it’s nice leading into playoffs to start getting on a roll hopefully we do it as a team.”