Sounders Insider

Sounders' Colorado challenge echoes Chivas

The Sounders trained this morning at Starfire, with coach Sigi Schmid giving these updates before his club departs for its Sunday date at Colorado.

On Rapids as potential trap game: It’s the same thing as like Chivas. There a team that actually when you look at most of there games, there have been a couple of games that they’ve been blown out. There were some bad mistakes. One was a red card that hurt them, and the other there were some bad mistakes and took like three goals in a span of like four minutes or something. But most of their games, they’re in the game, they’re in the hunt, they’re in the battle to the very end. They’re a good team. There’s a number of good players. They’ve just hit a bad steak and had a number of injuries. We have to be prepared for a good team.

On hoping to pounce early on the struggling Rapids: It would be great if they got a red card and if they made the same mistakes, that would be great. But it doesn’t go that way in every game. Obviously we’re looking to go in and play well. It’s away from home, that makes it a little more difficult. But we go in there and play well and take advantage of our opportunities when they present themselves.

Update on his injured players: All improving. Pineda, could probably maybe push him in there this week if we really wanted to. But we want to make sure he gets over this thing. Leo today was on the field and jogged and striking balls, so there’s improvement there. And Zach is doing better all the time.

On having a full week to prepare: We’ve just been training, talking about things, talking about our positioning, our pressure on the ball, things like that. So just general things. Training has been good. I don’t think I ran a really good training today, but that’s on me. I think for the most part the guys are understanding what we’re trying to get though.

On the makeshift back line: For us it’s important that they all understand what we’re trying to do conceptually. So whoever the face are, that they have an understanding of what our theme is as a team and how we want to defend.

On Colorado's Dillon Powers: He’s a player who played very well. He’s good with the ball, he’s a good passer, he’s good on set pieces, he serves a good ball, he’s got a good shot from distance. He’s a guy whose been in and out of the under-20 pool when he was of that age. So he’s a good solid player, and obviously they think he has leadership qualities because they’ve let him be captain of the team on more than one occasion.