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Whitecaps: "Biggest win of year so far;" Rosales hurt hamstring, appreciates support

VancouverHere's some of what the Whitecaps had to say tonight after their 1-0 win at Seattle:

Carl Robinson – Whitecaps FC Head Coach (On the win...) "To say I'm lost for words is an understatement. I'm so proud of every single one of them today. Not many people gave us the opportunity and believed that we would win, but I did and 1,250 fans did. The group did, too, and that's the most important thing." (On maintaining the lead during the second half...) "It's excellent discipline. We can set it up for them and give them examples but when they cross the line it's up to them. The last three weeks they have taken responsibility on themselves. Today it was in a tough environment against a top team with a top manager. There's a possibility they could win the Supporters Shield. It's credit to that group and it all comes down to them." (On Kekuta Manneh’s injury...) "He looked at full speed 1v1 but then after he scored I think he thought about it and started hobbling off. We had a big decision to make at half time. He was excellent. Credit to him. Maybe he has to play Seattle away every time. He was electric and had numerous chances before he scored. I felt that it was an area that, without DeAndre Yedlin, we could get at them. Brad Evans is a fantastic player but he's a midfielder. As I've shown before, I'm not afraid to throw the young kids in." (On subbing Mauro Rosales out...) "He hurt his hamstring. I was going to wait until the 89th minute to give him the round of applause from all of the fans. You don't really see too many players getting cheered from both sets of supporters so when you do it's a special thing. I was going to do it but he obviously hurt his hamstring." (On the defensive effort...) "It was our will to win. I said jokingly that we might need to score five goals because Seattle has been on fire. It took one goal. We are delighted we got it but we still have a lot of work to do. It puts us in a decent position but we still have Portland chasing behind us. We'll enjoy the weekend but we still have work to do. The win today is for the supporters out there." (On the team effort...) "Everyone was brilliant. I'm so proud of them and I have 100% faith in them." (On Kendall Waston...) "I brought him to the club to do a job. I think everyone has seen in a short amount of time how valuable he really is. He's an absolute monster. He's a bit like what Chad Marshall is to Seattle. He's been a fantastic player in the league and he's a massive part of Seattle's defense. We've got someone like that now. I'm really pleased for him." (On how they got a shutout...) "I really don't know. Maybe the soccer gods; I've talked about them all week. We needed a little bit of luck. They were putting balls into the box and we were frustrating them. They are a top team; make no doubt about it. Today was our day. We'll enjoy the moment but we still have a lot of work to do." (On the next two games...) "I've said all along that if we take care of our business then we'll get to it. If we don't then we don't deserve to be there. It's irrelevant what Portland is doing so I'll make sure the group is focused on our business." (On winning on the road...) "It's special when you do it here against a top team. We've matched up quite well against Seattle this year. You have to enjoy these moments because they don't happen too often." (On this being the biggest win of the year...) "This probably is the biggest win of year so far. The game against San Jose will hopefully be the next biggest win for us. To come into a hostile environment like this makes the win more pleasing." (On having a home playoff game...) "Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations. I'm focusing on the San Jose game because it's a tough game for us away. They are out of the playoffs now but they are fighting for contracts. It’s very difficult to play a team fighting for contracts." (On putting Kianz Froese in...) "I changed my mind four times. We thought about putting Nicolas Mezquida in but we thought Kekuta Manneh was having so much joy going on the outside of Brad Evans. We thought that Kianz Froese, because of his strengths and attributes, could do a better job than Mezquida could. It was strictly a tactical decision. The kid has the biggest smile I've ever seen in that locker room." (On Kianz Froese performance...) "It was excellent. The kid can play. He has a great future." (On having fear of putting Kianz Froese in...) "I had no fear. With all young players you have no fear. They have to learn and sometimes it's best learned in the toughest environments." Mauro Rosales – Whitecaps FC Midfielder(On the win…) “Very proud of the about the game we did today. We didn’t actually play pretty today, we just fight and defend and being in a good shape, just controlling the game. They have very good players, very good team, and we got the goal and from there we work very hard to keep it. And the concentration and all the personalities that the team shows today is what we wanted for these last push of the playoffs. We needed the points, also we needed it for the fans. They came here to defend the Cascadia Cup and everybody is really happy. They have to enjoy. We have to enjoy about this sometimes the game is not going the way you want and we don’t actually play really good soccer but we got the points and this is the more important. Proud of the character that we showed.” (On playing his former team…) “It was emotional and difficult because I love the way they always support me even playing for Chivas or Vancouver. They always are behind my back supporting me and I am just so glad to get. That welcome they give to me, it was the first time after a year and I just wanted to say thanks to them (Seattle fans) and now just focus on the next two games that we have.” (On finding good form with Vancouver…) “I have a lot of things to share with my teammates. I have a lot of things myself to prove and to learn and and always want to get better all the time. I am 33 years old and I’m not stopping working hard and I’m not stopping to be better all the time. This is something that is pushing me all the time to become a better player and a better person. Just being with different teams and different guys and just share what I have in all my career with different clubs (On the memories of scoring his first goal for Seattle against Vancouver…) “I did [score] my first goal here for the Sounders of course playing against Vancouver. And I won one time the Cascadia Cup for the Sounders and now I won with Vancouver and it’s really nice because the supporters there are always behind us. In this part of the country it is so much fun to play against Portland against Vancouver against Seattle. The rivalry is perfect and this should be all over the place. It’s really fun to be here, really fun to get something for the supporters, too, because they are always behind our backs and they want the best for the team for the club and now we want them to be the first time in the playoffs.” Kekuta Manneh – Whitecaps FC Forward(On the adrenaline rush of coming on and scoring…) “Defiantly. I mean it’s the thing we’ve talked about as a team we had a meeting and we get to do this for the team. I was in pain but I felt like I had a chance to go score a goal still in pain but I had to go take the chance and it turned out to be a goal. I’m really excited for the team. I score a goal but I really wouldn’t take away from the performance of the guys today I’m really proud of each one of them.” (On the situation leading up to the goal…) “Well when I came on they played Pedro Morales. I was all alone by myself and then they played Pedro…When playing with Pedro you have to expect he sees other people and I start running because I know his qualities and he plays the ball thought and it was a great pass.” Kianz Froese – Whitecaps FC Midfielder/Forward(On the match…) “Coming in with 50,000 plus people, when Robo told me I was going in my heart dropped and you know I’m just happy to be part of the group and being able to help the guys.” (On his emotions going on to the pitch the first time…) “Yeah I feel like usually I just try and go on the field and give it my all. So every day it’s just attack in the end of the day what you know slowly with time I settle down its better.” (On his teammates communicating…) “Yeah the guys were great a lot of talking a lot of they told me everything I needed to do. Jordan (Harvey) was great. He was always like come back tuck for me and help me so I was there and whatever we needed as a team and three points were vital for us.”