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Sounders unsure about Manneh return to pitch

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after losing 1-0 to Vancouver at CenturyLink Field. The result cost them breathing room in the MLS standings, cost them the Cascadia Cup, and was their first-ever MLS loss before 40,000-plus crowd. (They're 11-1-3 now.):

Brad Evans –Sounders FC Midfielder(On the Vancouver goal…) “They had a clear, Morales gets on the ball, and Manneh was off the field and then came back on the field, so maybe our defenders didn’t shift over in time or didn’t recognize he was going to go back on in that time. For me, watching it from behind, it’s just shifting again.” (On Manneh entering the field…) “I am expecting the referee to not give them an advantage. When we are pushing forward there is always a risk of a counter-attack, so the referee has to wait until the play is done or they are off on a counter-attack without him getting that unfair advantage, stepping off the field and coming back on.” (On bouncing back…) “Right now we have to stay together. It’s one loss with two games left and now we have to win two of three, and that’s it. We’ll see what the other results are this weekend, but regardless we should be looking to win the next two anyways and not be looking for help or favors from other teams, because that’s not going to happen. Nobody said this was going to be easy, obviously everyone is disappointed… at the end of the day we lose 1-0 to a rival and now we have to have that fire to come back and play another rival back-to-back.” (On the gameplan for Los Angeles…) “We have to be smart when you play away from home. We can’t be all run-and-gun from the first whistle—we can’t lose our minds…because we still have the playoffs, and there is no point to going into LA, pushing forward, and getting caught in three counterattacks and losing 3-0 and then we have even more to work on going into the playoffs…Hopefully we will play our style and get a result in a smart way.”​ Osvaldo Alonso – Sounders FC Midfielder(On the game…) "It is what it is. We have to forget about it we have the next two games in Dallas. We lost the Cascadia Cup, but we have the playoffs coming up so we have to look forward now." (On if it was hard to get much going offensively…) "Yeah we have to figure out how to play from outside. Unfortunately we lost today, but like I said before we have to look forward for the next two games." Chad Barrett – Sounders FC Forward(On if he has seen that before where a player is waved on and gets in the middle of a counter attack…) No, no. I would have to see the whole thing again. Everybody was seeing a lot of different things. It was somebody's fault. I don't know whose fault it was, I don't know when it was waved on, but I'm sure that if he was in the wrong it was a mistake. It wasn't what lost us the game, obviously it was a bad time to take the rule, but we came out and like I said we had some chances, but we still have to find ways to beat them without playing.” (On the coaches’ instructions for you when you came into the game…) "He just said that we want to get width, we want to try and get behind their outside backs and try to get in. They made it real difficult because they drop every time you get the ball. There is no place in behind to go so we're going to have to find ways to pack it in because come playoffs that is what every team is going to do against us here. If we get a goal on them early, they're still going to do the same things in the playoffs. We're going to have to tighten things up, we're going to have to be a team that takes no goals, and we're going to be that team. We're going to have to adopt a new mentality not the road because playoffs are a completely different thing. I'm sure that we're going to take a long look at a lot of things that we do over this next week. There are going to be a lot of tactics talked about this week, set plays and all of that stuff because all of that can get better for us." (On if these feel like playoffs matches to him and what is his mindset going into these games…) "It's a great thing that we have these two games coming up. This is what it is. It's a playoff game before the playoffs. It'll be a good warmup against the next best team in the league for us. We're the top two teams, and just like Portland was rooting for us tonight, we're going to be rooting for Dallas to do something and help us out. It's going to be a crazy game, anything can happen in the MLS, and FC Dallas is a good team at home, but if they don't do it, we have to beat LA twice, or we have to beat and tie them. It's very doable. We're not panicking or doing anything like that right now, but we definitely have to go back to the drawing board."