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Schmid clarifies Sounders-S2 relationship

S2Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid filled in some blanks today about the relationship of the MLS Sounders and Sounders 2, the USL Pro team that will begin play next season at Starfire.

"The most important thing for us and for the team is we want the USL team to be a younger group of players," Schmid said. "We don’t want a bunch of 28-, 29-, 30-year-old guys on the team just to win the USL championship. That’s not what the objective of the team is. The objective of the team is to be a good team to compete and to have a chance to win the championship, but we want to do it with some younger players. The coach – when we pick the coach – his main thing is going to be “how many players can you produce for the first team,’ not ‘How many titles can you hang up on the wall. Certainly we expect the coach to win more games than he loses because I think that’s part of development is players learning how to win. I think

that’s part of the growth of players. It’s about developing players for that next level. So having a coach that understands what we’re trying to do, our philosophy, it’s going to be very interactive among the coaching staff. It’s not going to be OK we’ll see you every three weeks when we come to one of your games or something. It’s going to be a constant dialogue, a constant interaction between the coaching staffs."

I'll have more from Schmid once I can get it transcribed. However, he said that he doesn't yet know exactly what laws will govern the transfer of players from the MLS roster to the USL roster or back again.