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Dempsey fighting bug, other Sounders OK

The Sounders returned to training this morning after a day off. They were joined by Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin, who had been away with the U.S. national team. "Everybody’s fine," coach Sigi Schmid said. "Clint’s a little bit under the weather. It’s that time of the year where guys pick up maybe a little bug or something like that so we just wanted to go easy with him today. But DeAndre, him, Pappa, and Okoli are all fine. … (Gonzalez, Pineda, Scott are) good. They’ve trained all week, so there are no issues there at all."

More from Schmid:

On Los Angeles' attack: LA’s a good team. They’re a good counterattacking team. They’re an arrogant team in the sense that they figure you’re going to lose the ball. So sometimes they don’t defend honestly, sometimes they defend very honestly, sometimes they don’t defend quite honestly because they believe you’ve going to lose they ball and they’re going to counter on that. Obviously Donovan and Keane and Zardes and some of those players are very important for their counterattack, but what’s really good is that they’re good in transition, and they back upon the fact that you’re going to make a mistake.

Clarifying that usage of "honestly": Sometimes guys come all the way back and defend and follow their men all the way. But I think Donovan is an experienced guy, and whether they’re playing Ishizaki or Husidic, those guys -- the wide guys – have the tendency sometimes to say, ‘OK, I think the ball’s going to turn over, so let me not mark my guy right now, let me cheat forward by 5 or 10 yards.’ And then when the play breaks down, if it does turn over, they’ve got a 10-yard head start, and then their counter looks very dangerous.

On the challenges of playing teams that know each other so well: Through all the years, with (LA coach Bruce Arena) is we know we’re going to get some chances. We didn’t really in that last game here, and that’s unusual. We know we’re going to get chances, we know they’re going to get chances, and it’s a matter of which team finishes better. But the challenge is at the end of the day is you’ve got quality players playing against quality players trying to impress upon the other that, ‘Hey, I think I’m having a better day today.’ So it comes down to individual player’s ability to make plays, to make good decisions. So knowing each other well is not a hindrance; it’s not a benefit either, because both teams are good teams that text each other to the maximum.