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Schmid sees both sides of MLS-USMNT dispute

"(Klinsmann is) the national team coach, and he’s going to make his comments. His motivation is his," Schmid said. "Don Garber’s response is obviously coming from his perspective and his motivation. There’s points to be made on both sides. But I think at the end of the day, what everybody has to remember is each side is seeking the best, which I mean by that is that each side is trying to make their particular situation the best possible. Klinsmann is trying to make the national team the best possible; Garber is trying to make MLS the best possible. And they’re each pushing from the direction. I don’t really have an issue with it. I think it’s good for soccer in this country that we’re talking about issues like this, because in the past nobody cared."

On Schmid's perspective: My perspective is every guy’s situation is different. So you can’t say this is the right way to go, this is the wrong way to go.

Everybody is an individual. Everybody is different. For Landon Donovan, playing in a situation that he was comfortable in was very important to him playing well. So his situation is different. Somebody else – like when Dempsey went over there and spent five-six years over there – that’s what he needed. That was his drive, that was his ambition. So everybody’s situation is different. Right now, when you look at our U.S. national team, I think what people sometimes forget in our country is guys like Bradley and Dempsey and all these guys, they’re not in their seventh month of playing soccer – seventh, eighth month. Whereas the European players right now are in their second month after having had a break – their third month. Sometimes those guys are a little bit fresher because they haven’t had as long a season. Even the Central American countries, they have that break in the middle of the summer, so they’re coming off a break. People forget that for us in our league and how the league schedule is structured, come October and November, guys start to fatigue and are tired, so it’s tough when you throw in national team games like that.