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Schmid proud of Sounders' comeback draw

Here is coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after his club came from two goals down for a 2-2 tie tonight in LA:

I was extremely proud of our team because we took goals at the worst possible time. We took a goal right before halftime, we took a goal right after halftime. A little bit I think we helped on both of those goals, with just the deflection and a combination of errors on the first. But then I think we showed character. After the first 15-20 minutes, I thought we created the better chances from then on throughout the game. We were unlucky not to get a goal from Dempsey in the first half. Oba had a couple of good looks. But then I was really proud of the character of our team being able to come back and lock it up at 2-2 and to be knocking at the door to take a win.

More from Schmid:

On Pappa coming off the bench: Pappa was gone and there were some issues. He actually didn’t get his visa so he couldn’t play in Peru, so he actually had five days of nothing. So we decided that we were going to come this way. It was maybe a little more defensive, which we thought was important at the beginning of the game. One of the reasons we subbed Evans out was because he was sitting on four yellow cards, so at that time being down 2-0 we didn’t want to risk anybody getting a yellow card and missing the next game, because we felt it might come down to the next game, and we knew Pappa could come in and play well.

On the yellow cards: I think the refereeing – I can’t figure what are red cards and what are yellow cards anymore. I see fouls, I see guys getting clipped off the ball, getting hit, sometimes it looks like rugby instead of soccer. And sometimes it gets calls and some of it doesn’t get called. It becomes agitating. … Obviously Omar is an important part of their team.

On the first-half on-field dispute between Martins and Dempsey: They’re both highly motivated individuals. They want to succeed, they want to do well. Sometimes you’re going to ruffle a feather along the way. But I have no worries because they both want to do the same thing, which is win.