Sounders Insider

Sounders' training week built for freshness

The Sounders returned from LA in good health, took Monday off, returned for mostly regeneration work today and will be off again Wednesday before returning for Thursday-Friday work leading to their final game of the regular season at noon Saturday against LA.

Coach Sigi Schmid talked about the health of his team and the week of preparation.

"Came through healthy in LA," he said. "I thought the team showed obviously good character in coming back, and so now we get them at home."

On keeping momentum: Just the spirit they have within themselves. I thought we were a bit unfortunately to be down 2-0. I thought we played pretty well, especially defensively. Especially in the first half, I thought we bottled them up pretty well. It was obviously a very emotional game. I think Clint made reference to that afterward, it was an emotiongal gaem for them with all that Landon Donovan stuff and all that hoopla going on. I’ve played enough games (at that stadium) having coached there and as well a visiting coach there that it was truly sold out. And there was a lot of energy in that stadium. More energy than maybe with the exception of a playoff game that we played there one time. So from that standpoint it was good to overcome all those obstacles.

On Obafemi Martins doing full work with the reserves: It’s an individual thing. Most of the guys wanted a regen. Oba, after he has a day off, he doesn’t like to just regen. He sort of trains at his own tempo and his own pace, and we let him do that. He just feels his recovery is better when he does that. He’s been having a good season, and it’s been working for him, so why should I change it.

On another off day Wednesday: We don’t like to train like four days in a row before a game. So it’s just a matter of having a certain rhythm going into the game, making sure we’re fresh. At this stage of the season we’re not going to gain fitness with that extra day or anything like that, so the most important thing is that we’re eager, fresh and ready to go.