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Donovan: We can't play a whole lot better

Here's some of what the LA Galaxy had to said after losing 2-0 to the SOunders today, and with that losing their chance at a fifth Supporters Shield:

LA GALAXY HEAD COACH BRUCE ARENAOn the game:"I thought it was a good game. We were a little unlucky and we at least should have come out with a point." On Robbie Keane:"He had a few nagging injuries and we thought it was best to keep him out so he would be ready for playoffs. We also have to be careful with players on this field. This field is not perfect for a player that's not 100%." On the amount of fouls called:"The referee called more fouls this week than last week. He could have called 40 fouls last week on Seattle. The referee lost it a bit at the end. I would say the foul was on Marcelo Sarvas because he didn't notice that they didn't set the ball properly." On having more possession:"Yes, we controlled the game but we needed to be more dangerous in the last third of the field. They kept a lot of players back with us and played it pretty safe. We weren't able to create enough chances." On Landon Donovan:"Landon played better today than he did last week. He drew an important free kick in the beginning of the second half and had a few more chances. I think he could have been more aggressive looking for his shot. " On the midfield:"I thought Gyasi Zardes was a bit of a threat most of the game. I thought Stefan Ishizaki did well. Our whole midfield played well. Juninho and Marcelo Sarvas were also very good." On the defense:"The backline was excellent today. Did Seattle even get a chance in the game besides the mess at the end? We played pretty well." On the final goal:“Jaime Penedo needs to be quicker getting the ball out. Maybe he was fouled. The referee I think lost it a little bit at the end of the game. He must have been tired, too." On preference of opponent next match:"It doesn't matter who we play. We don't play those little games of payback. We play to try and win a championship." LA GALAXY FORWARD LANDON DONOVANOn controlling the run of play most of the game:“Yeah I mean we can’t play a whole lot better than that and if I’m not mistaken I think they had three shots on the night, and up until the goal you would have thought that they were never going to score. And you know give them credit they made a play that made the difference, but I think we are OK with the way we played. We just needed to find a goal and that that let us down today but overall an excellence performance. And obviously results matter and it’s hard to lose but I think we can we can be confident with how we played.” On if this gives them motivation going into the playoffs:“No, I mean listen the standings don’t lie and they have been the better team over the course of the year and we give them credit. That could have been ours but I think we gave up too many points earlier in the year and it came back to hurt us now. Everything is wiped clean and it’s a clean slate and whoever's the best team after five games is going to be holding the trophy at the end of the postseason.” On not having Robbie Keane:“He’s my opinion he is the best player in the league so when you are missing that, that’s going to hurt you. That’s probably where we were lacking little bit today, a little bit of a special quality in the final third. And when we have him in there he provides that so we’re confident that having him in there, having Omar [Gonzalez] back next week that we will look a little bit different. But that being said we played very well tonight and if we play like that in the playoffs there’s a good chance were going be holding a trophy by the end.” On the physicality of the game:“This time of year that’s how it goes. Both teams play hard, both teams respect the other but play hard. After the game you shake hands and get on with it its part of this time of the year.” On how he felt tonight:“Much better. I slept probably nine or 10 hours every night this week and felt caught up and rested. I had a lot more energy, I thought I moved a lot better, I was more aggressive. Everything felt a lot different so I enjoyed that it was it was a good night in that way and I hope to get better as it goes on.” LA GALAXY DEFENDER A.J. DELAGARZAOn if the physicality of the game affected them:“No I don’t think so. We played pretty well for 80 minutes. We didn’t create many chances, but I think they had two or three shots on goal all day. They got the two late ones that were goals so I thought we frustrated them." On not winning the Supporters’ Shield:“I mean it would mean more if we won it. We came here today for a win, we were in a position for 80 minutes to get one. We didn’t create chances in a game where we needed to win. We couldn’t tie so we had to kind of go for it but it just didn’t happen.” On if they’d rather play Salt Lake or Dallas:“I don’t think it matters right now. They are both pretty good teams. They both bring different challenges it will be interesting to see.” On this giving them motivation going forward:“Yes motivation we need every time we lose, we are going to take it and build on it. Whoever we play it is going to be an away game first so we need to go and get a result.” On Leonardo’s play:“I thought he did well I don’t think Martin or Dempsey got anything close to what they got last week so I thought we did our job for the most part.”