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Sounders "all happy," but want more

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say after they clinched Supporters Shield with a 2-0 win over the LA Galaxy:

SOUNDERS FC FORWARD OBAFEMI MARTINSOn the match:“I am going to take what we just did today as a champion of the league. For the fact we know the MLS Cup Playoffs are soon so we have to continue to train as we normally do and get ready for the playoffs.” On his assist on the Papa goal:“When I hold the ball, you know I can see my teammates. He’s not really sure if I’m going give him the ball, but I saw him when Clint gave me back the ball so I just gave him a good ball and he finished well.” On the late goals:“We aren’t really thinking about getting an early goal, but we just keep working hard and at the end we get two good goals and we finished well, and we are glad we are first in the league.” On his teammates:“Marco has his own talent. Clint, me, the other players, it’s what we do in the training ground—we do it for fun in the training ground. We just bring everything to the game and we’ll bring what we can prove and we did work today.” On savoring the victory:“Right now we are all happy, and we are excited about the Supporters Shield and everything, but we all know the playoffs are coming soon as well so we are ready.” SOUNDERS FC FORWARD CLINT DEMPSEYOn the league MVP Award:“Yeah I mean, Oba [Martins] has been great for us this season, I mean the team that wins the league, a player should win MVP and I think it should be Oba.” On the postseason structure:“To me if you look around at other leagues, if you win the league it’s a big deal no matter what the public thinks of it. We were the best team throughout the course of the league and around other leagues, that’s celebrated more so than when it is in the states, but we are going to celebrate it as a championship. We have two now and we are looking to win an MLS Cup.” On the physical game:“Yeah it wasn’t a good game for the fans to watch out on the pitch. Yes it’s great that we won, and we might have had a good result, just the fouling and the kicking, stop, start, stop, start, there wasn’t much fluidity to the game. And I thought that credit to them, we weren’t able to play the style that we wanted but at the end of the day I think our quality showed and we were able to win the game.” On the MLS Cup Playoffs:“It gives us confidence to win the league, you know what I mean? That’s something that’s special, but to win games not pretty shows our character and shows our fight that we are more than a team that plays a good style, but we can dig in and grind out results and that’s what we did. “It’s important that you go into playoffs on a good note and you look at these last few games and the significance of them especially being down two nothing, away from home, our fight to get back into the game, to equalize and keep pushing for the win. Especially away from home and then coming here and to end the season off with a big win at home, winning the league is something that we feel good about. We enjoy it today, but tomorrow we look towards how we stay hungry, stay sharp that we do well in the playoffs and try to push to get into the final.” On the physical play:“I just think emotions are high in games like this. People are competitive and they want their teams to get the right result but at the end of the day, I thought that we were smart about how we played the game and how we grinded out the result and to win the game two-nothing, that’s something we are happy with.” On the gameplan vs. LA:“It doesn’t matter who it was against, any time you can end the season top of the league, I think that’s something that’s special. If you look around at other leagues around the world, when teams finish at the top of the league that is something to celebrate and we are going to celebrate it and we will enjoy it for today and tomorrow we will focus on playoffs and try to make sure we get the right results and try to get to the final.” On his fitness:“I feel pretty good. It has been pretty long, it’s been a year and a half nonstop for me but I feel like I was still able to make an impact in these last two games. Even though I got the goal against LA away, but to play a part in the second goal playing the ball to Oba and Oba playing it to Lamar, and then even today, Oba finding me I found him back and he found Pappa so I’m feeling good that I am still able to play a part in the goals and just happy that the team won.” On his candidacy for league MVP:“I feel good about what I was able to do this season but I did miss a lot of games being gone for the World Cup. I am happy with what I was able to produce in the games played but if you are going give an MVP, I think Oba should be the MVP because he’s the one leading in goals, leading in assists and had a part to play in the game winning goal for us today, so hats go off to him. You have to credit your team. Also you have to look at guys like Ozzie Alonso who has been huge for us all season. Guys like Chad Marshall who was also huge for us all season. So I’m all about showing love to the other players, not trying to pat my own self on the back.” SOUNDERS FC MIDFIELDER MARCO PAPPAOn celebrating today’s victory:We were expecting the champagne here, especially after 34 games in a row this season, we win the shield this was a big game for us for sure. Like I said before it’s always good to win but the more important thing is the confidence of the team. Now it’s coming to bigger games for playoffs so I can enjoy now, but also look forward to what is next.” On his first goal:“I was expecting Oba to give me the ball so I’m happy he saw me. I was wide open and I scored. At the end of the day I was trying to score a goal and it’s always good to score, but I’m more happy to see the group happy and this is a good game for the confidence of the players.” On team chemistry:“After we have played together for many games, we know more of each other for sure…In general with the team we understand each other and today it worked. At the end of the game we got the result and that’s the most important thing now we continue with this kind of mentality. On playing as a substitute:“I’m the kind of player that always likes to play, that’s for sure. And I have to respect the coach’s decision at the end of the day I come from the bench I want to do my best to show my heart and show I want to play. I’m happy not just for me, but I’m more happy for the team because we won the shield.” On difficulty of winning the shield:“Of course [it was hard to win] I think after 34 games it’s a lot of games in a year, a lot of wins also, a lot of ties and losses. It’s a lot of different types of games in 34 games and I think we learned from the 34 games and I think we are ready for the playoffs.”