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Schmid reflects: Cream rises over 34 games; Saturday marked No. 1 win in club history

Seattle Sounders coach Sigi Schmid doesn’t like ranking or comparing teams and games. But with another season now concluded, and another playoff run about to start, Schmid went ahead and rated the Sounders’ Supporters Shield-clinching 2-0 result over Los Angeles on Saturday as the No. 1 win in club history.

Here's some of what he had to say this morning:

On the numbers of this season: When you look over 34 games, I think it becomes a true reflection. As somebody says, basically the cream rises to the top, and a cup competition is fantasy island: anybody can have their day. But from the standpoint of 34 games, the consistency of those 34 games: Did you play well in every game? No not necessarily so. Did we pull some games out? Yeah. Did we dominate some games? Yeah. Did we have some stinkers along the way? Yeah. It was a little combination of all of those. But at the end of the day, we were the ones who were able to pick up the most points. And averaging just under two points a game, which is a pretty significant number. When you look at most leagues you have Real Madrids and the Barcelonas and the Bayerns, those guys will average more than two points a game. But the rest of it, it’s tough for anybody to get to those numbers. I think it’s a reflection that we have been pretty consistent this season, and we’ve had a good season.

The individual numbers that Oba’s achieved -- Clint as well, that’s he’s achieved – I think it’s just a reflection as well of our team and everybody combining well and realizing when they need to get them the ball at times, and those guys obviously with their individual abilities making things happen. Again, it’s that consistency. I think Oba’s total is like being involved total in 30 goals, and Clint’s been involved in like 26 of our goals, and he’s missed games in there. When you take into account those missed games as well, that’s pretty good. When you’re involved in a teams’ close to 45 percent of a team’s goals, that’s a good thing.

On ranking the season-ending win over LA: It was certainly a very exhilarating game at the end: very exciting. So from a standpoint of the club’s history, I think it was a significant win because it was LA, it was at home, it was with Supporters Shield on the line, last game of the regular season. That’s scenario really hasn’t existed for our club – hasn’t existed for any club when it comes to winning the Supporters Shield – so I think that made the game really unique and special. So it felt like a cup final in that regard, because it was a one-off game. And so it’s probably got to rank up there No. 1. Obviously the Open Cup victories are up there as well. I don’t like to rank things like that in general – you know me – but right now I think it’s got to be the No. 1 win in our history.