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Evans: "I don't think players were in the right mindset last year;" this team different

"I don’t think players were in the right mindset last year," he said. "We had a lot of rotation last year. We had a little bit of commiserating in the locker room when things weren’t going well, and this year’s a lot different. I think that we’ve stuck together as a team. And we know that now there’s a final tournament at the end of the year. We’ve achieved to trophies so far, which I think is phenomenal. I think we’re coming into the playoffs different than we were last year. … But last year at this point in the season I was saying the exact same thing: ‘We’ve got a big one this weekend.’ The matter of fact is tomorrow’s a big one, and that’s it."

On if the team is more relaxed: There’s a little more calm around as opposed to last year. Last year we were going in and we hadn’t won for eight games or whatever. Then a played a team in Portland that was flying at that point.

On the team being hungry: I think we’ve achieved a lot this year, but think the guys are still hungry. … That’s a mindset that we’ve got to keep going. If we want to achieve something that a team’s never done it starts tomorrow.