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Here is Sigi Schmid overview of 1-1 draw

Here is coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders 1-1 draw tonight in Dallas:

We’re happy with the result. We talked aobut in game one putting ourselves to win it in game two. I think we’ve always done a good job of being at home in the second game and winning the second game. So obviously coming back and scoring the goal (was important). I think we defended a little more than we would have liked. They had a little more possession, they had a lot of energy, but on the same token when you really looked at clean chances I thought we had as many if not more clean chances.If Oba scores the breakaway early in the first half that changes the whole complexion of the game. But I was very proud of the professionalism of our display in the second half and scoring the equalizing goal.

More from Schmid:On his team's reaction to going down a goal...I thought we reacted very well. I think that's the change in the maturity of the team. It's taken a while for us to get there. Generally when we've knocked ourselves out of the playoff round, it's been in the first game and that was something we talked about an awful lot. At halftime we said 'We're okay as long as we don't give up another goal. We're okay. We'll get one.' I thought we could get two and we were close to getting two, as well, in the second half.

On Marco Pappa giving up the penalty and assisting on Seattle's goal...He was able to fight through it. Obviously, with the penalty kick, you can't leave your feet there, but it happens. Escobar is a quick guy and he (Pappa) was trying to help the team out and trying to defend. Then he hits a good free kick and sets up the goal for us. We talked at halftime that we felt we could get a goal off a free kick or corner if we had good service.

On managing time of possession...We knew they would come out with a lot of energy. As I always say, games take on their own life. We felt we could possess the ball and get through, but for some reason, they were pressuring us a lot, and they had a lot of possession so we were really on our heels. I think it took us the first 20 minutes and then we started to play a little bit, but even in that time period we were close to breaking on opportunities to counter. The plan wasn't to sit back and counter, but the plan was to sit back and see what they bring us.

On a 1-1 final with away goals carrying weight now...We still need to win at home. We definitely don't want to get a 2-2 tie at home, but having an away goal certainly helps. It means they (FC Dallas) know in order for them to come out with anything in Seattle they've got to win the game and if they're not going to win the game, they've got to get two goals. It puts a little more pressure on them, to a certain extent, but I know we'll play better being at home and playing in front of our crowd is a good thing for us.

On a 1-1 draw on the road...Pleased with the 1-1 draw, especially going down a goal on a penalty kick and then coming back and equalizing, we're happy with that.