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Sounders praise Frei, reaction after trailing

Here's some more from the Sounders after opening their aggregate-score series with a 1-1 draw at Dallas.

OSVALDO ALONSOOn his tying goal:I feel very happy for the result, even more for scoring goals. Now I have to go home: I’m going to have a baby so it’s doubly happy for me.

BRAD EVANSOn the Sounders reaction after falling down a goal:I thought the team reacted well. I thought that we kept fighting. We had plenty of chances before the goal. We had two good chances before the goal to get the lead and then double our lead as well. And then guys kept their head, which was awesome. And it wasn’t a pretty game, but you know what: Playoffs is playoffs and you go through rough patches in games and we fought through it. They had a couple of chances, but we held tight defensively. Now we get our rest, we got home, and try to keep it 0-0 at least.

Seattle Sounders defender Zach ScottOn Chad Marshall's performance...It's been the same thing all year. We're a different team when Chad is on the field. He provides that calming presence. It seemed like Dallas was maybe a little more direct than we expected them and that kind of plays into our strengths. We'll win those headers and play strong in the back, be stingy and come away with a good result tonight.

On Stefan Frei's 89th minute save...I knew that ball was going upper corner. It went between my legs and I was watching it go upper corner and I saw his hand come out of nowhere. He was not only good on that save, but he came out for a ton of crosses today, and I told him after the game this was by far his best game. It's been kind of a steady progression with him as the year's gone on that he's been better and better and better and you can see that, but it's building with him and it gives us defenders that much more confidence know that he's going to come up and back us up on anything that gets over our heads.

On the penalty call against Marco Poppa...Especially when it's a bunch of nonsense when the guy kicks the ball straight out of bounds and then Marco maybe gets a piece of him. I don't know, I thought it was a terrible call. I thought Marco handled it well because he came right out and he helped possess the ball for us, which we needed, and he was vital in the result.

Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Stefan FreiOn tonight's game...It was a tricky game, to be honest. The wind and the field were very difficult to play on, to judge balls on the ground and in the air, so it was a difficult game. I'm happy with the way we fought back. I was able to make a couple of saves and help my teammates out with coming out on some of those crosses. I'm happy with that, but more importantly we set ourselves up for a good game at home. I think we fancy our chances at home. We compete better than we did today and with the 12th Man behind us in the next game, I think we'll be able to do that.

On what he saw during his 89th minute save...At first I didn't see much. I thought Zach (Scott) did a really good job of showing him (Castillo) out wide. Getting him to an angle where it was impossible to shoot, and somehow, Castillo got the shot off from there and somehow squirted it under Zach's leg or something like that and I was just trying to stay balanced and ready to explode and that's what I was able to do. I was lucky and able to get a good reaction out of it and make the save.

His thoughts on giving up the first goal...Disappointed. They had the better of the playmaking in the first half, but we limited them to very, very few dangerous chances. I thought we did quite well and I was a bit disappointed to give that goal away. We've been in so many situations like that so many times and no reason to get your head down and start moping. I think we know we have quality on the team and spirit and character to fight back, and that's what we showed today. The away goal is huge and the tie so we're ok with the performance and the result today.