Sounders Insider

Sounders healthy two days before decisive match

The Sounders are off the pitch for another day. Coach Sigi Schmid reported his team in good health, two days before the second leg of their Western semifinal series with FC Dallas.

"Gonzalo went through all of training today, so we’ll see how he feels tomorrow," Schmid said. "Neagle went through all of training today as well. And Andy Rose, as I said Monday, it’s probably still too early for him, but he’s doing more all the time."

On his defense against Dallas firepower: As long as you communicate and you’re alert whatever a team brings you, you’re in touch with each other, and you’ve in synch with each other and you’re reacting to things. Good players, if you do A they do B, if you do B they do A. That’s what makes them a good player. But then as a defender it’s the same thing: If they do A, I can stop that, and if they do B I can stop that. And that takes just a lot of communication and talking. That’s why today when we played 11v11 I stood behind the back four because I wanted to hear the communication and the talking, and I thought it was good.

On Dallas drawing PKs: Certainly they’re a team that draws some PKs because of their speed and their ability to get into the box. One PK in Dallas earlier this season was just a dumb play on our part, but for the most part I think we’ve done a pretty good job, and we need to do another good job. We’ve defended well I think over our last three games, and we’ve got to make sure that we do that again.

On practicing PKs for a series that could be resolved by PK shootout: We haven’t really dwelt on it yet or talked about it. We might do a few tomorrow, but no. We’ve got like three-four guys we feel pretty good about on PKs, and we have some other guys that we feel all right about. And we did a lot leading up to Open Cup and so forth, so we have a pretty good idea of who out top PK guys are and sometimes it’s not so much practicing them, it’s making sure you send guys up there who are confident.