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Two draws and out bitter for FC Dallas

Here's some of what FC Dallas had to say after being eliminated on road goals despite a 1-1 aggregate score series with Sounders FC:

FC DALLAS Head Coach OSCAR PAREJAOn the game:“Good game. It’s a credit to 20 years of work in this country for many people who are involved in the game. To see the crowd and the level of the two teams and the quality of play and passing – it was a great example of what we have done here in this country. I’m proud of it. I’m also very proud of my players. They did a good job. The plan was to be aggressive and put pressure on them the whole game, and there was much of the game where we felt we got what we wanted. We played against a very good team and very good players. We created some problems, especially in the counterattack, but nothing to regret. For me, it’s an honor to coach these players and I want to send a message of gratitude to them to allow me to coach them. It’s great – we’re proud.”

On Seattle’s approach:“It changed some things. Seattle came in today with a more defensive initiative, in my opinion. We were more aggressive. The game was tied anyway in Dallas so it could go either way. We were just one goal away from advancing to the next round. We had our chances and they had theirs too. The game was very level. Both teams came out with a lot of energy in trying to score a goal and control. It was a good match.”

On his team’s second-half possession: “I remember a little time in the second half when [Seattle] controlled the ball, but if you see the numbers and the stats, I think we controlled the tempo. There was some parts in the second half when they pushed the lines up, but I felt we ran well. We’re playing in their home and they tried to get some reactions, but in terms of the possession, I thought tonight our team did a great job. We kept it better than them.”On the season overall:“I think it’s positive. We have a group that is young. The group that you saw tonight – the majority of them are guys who have many years in front of them still. Maybe we don’t have big names yet, but we have a team. What you saw was a group of guys where everybody was sticking to the fundamentals that we created here and sticking to the tactics that we have. We have an identity. If I look back, I think the boys had a great season. But they know that I’m very demanding and I’m not happy. I don’t think we deserve to be out [of the playoffs]. There is a lot of work to do, but I’m proud of the season we had.”

Frward Fabian CastilloOn the game: "I think it was a difficult game for both teams. Seattle had many opportunities, we did as well. It was a close game, we knew it would be like that. It was a nice game, I think both teams gave a good show…the fans enjoyed it. We leave sad, but also happy because we know that we left it all on the field."

On the play of Seattle:“Seattle is a great team, they have two forwards that make them look really good. They are very intelligent. It is a team that creates many opportunities…of course they are striving to be champions. They have "big name" players. And we wish them the best. I think we also did things well, but they advanced and we wish them the best and hope that it will be a nice final against LA.”

Goalkeeper Chris SeitzOn being eliminated with a shutout:“We had a game plan going into it, as we always do. I think between the two legs we really executed it. We kept them at tough angles and made it easier on our backline… For us it’s bitter, but at the end of the day we tied two games in a row. It’s hard to swallow, but at the end of the day we put it all out there and we gave it our all. Tonight was a clear showing of that.”

On the youthfulness of the team: “Hopefully we can learn a lot from the two series we had. For us, we’ve had a young team throughout. We’ve had a lot of guys step up when they’re called upon this year and I think that shows the amount of talent this team has. At the same time, we can’t look at this as a benchmark—we have to look at this as a steppingstone to really move forward next year. We can really go a step further than where we are now and really push for it; hopefully we can use these games, these series and really move forward for next year.”​