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Frei: West's best will meet in final

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after a scoreless draw with Dallas put them through to the Western Conference finals:

Forward CLINT DEMPSEYOn the defensive performance:"I thought they were solid. I thought they did a great job. We played well, we created some great chances. I had two really good looks at goal; I should have scored at least one of those. I am frustrated about that, but I thought we looked good. We didn't just sit back and try not to concede. We tried to go out and score one or two goals and tried to really take the game to them. I thought we played well."

On playing LA again: "We are a team that believes in ourselves. To win the Supporter's Shield we had to play two games against them and get the right result, so we're a team that's done well this season in terms of silverware, the U.S. Open Cup and winning the league. We have that confidence moving forward, so we feel good."

On combining with Obafemi Martins: "I loved playing with Oba. He's a great player, a world-class player. We have a good chemistry, I think you could see that all year. We work well together, [we] create chances for each other, and tonight together we created a good chance, a give and go, I played him and he played the ball back to me. I anticipated the keeper to be moving over to try to cover the far post so I tried to go near post with it, but I should have done a better job with that one. That's one I should have scored on."

On what the team did well tonight: "We play with confidence. We didn't sit back and tried not to concede. We tried to go out and win the game and get goals. We created good chances... At the end of the day we are happy going into the next round."

Defender ZACH SCOTTOn the performance of the back four:“I don’t know if it’s the back four and the goalie playing exceptional or more of just the team defending well. We got a lot of good pressure from Clint and Oba up top. The midfielders really buckled down and limited service up to the forwards. As a back four we are really comfortable with each other and Stefan [Frei] is playing lights-out. Everything comes together at the right time.”

On rating the team’s defense the last few games: “I think we’re good, but it’s typical of what you want to see when the playoffs come. It’s going to be a lot of games that you end up grinding out results and I think we are all savvy veterans who have played enough playoff games that some games aren’t going to be very pretty. It’s going to be one where you have to buckle up and go along for the ride.”

On playing in front of tonight’s crowd: “It was tremendous. The crowd really was amazing tonight. You could definitely feel the energy and it was one of those where you almost feel like a goal was going to happen because the ball was getting sucked back into their half with the crowd cheering. It has been the same way all year, it was just tremendous.”

Goalkeeper STEFAN FREIOn defending FC Dallas:“They have a guy who is exceptionally good at set-pieces and they have a lot of pace with guys who can come at you. If you let them run at you with speed they are going to hurt you. We funneled them out wide pretty well and we forced those individuals to put in crosses or turn around and go backwards but when they did put crosses in, you have Zach and Chad in the middle to clean up whatever comes their way and they help out big as well. We made sure they weren’t able to use their strengths as much as possible and that worked out for us.”

On playing LA in the Conference Finals: “I think it’s the best two teams in the West. That’s what you want. I bet the league is pretty happy about that too. As a player that’s probably what you want as well. You want to compete against the best and prove that you are the best. We had that little series against them before and did fairly well but now it’s a different story so we need to get back to work and get better during the week in practice and be ready. Obviously they are a really good side, they proved that in their last game.”

On the fans: “They were awesome as usual. They are the best fans in the league and it is really good to move on for them. It is always exciting to play in front of them. They are a huge part of our squad. Hopefully we can keep making them proud.”