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Sounders updates: Alonso, Yedlin, Apam

A few bits of news:

* Osvaldo Alonso's MRI didn't show anything unexpected, and the club remains hopeful that he will be ready for the Western finals opener in LA on Nov. 23.

* DeAndre Yedlin is expected to play in the first of two USA friendlies on Friday, but it isn't yet determined if he'll stay for the second or return to the club.

* It sounds like the club's signing of Nigerian defender Onyekachi Apam didn't work out. Schmid indicated Apam never really got fit or healthy, and while he's still with the club he doesn't appear to be in long- or short-term plans.

A few quotes from coach Sigi Schmid:

On training on an artificial turf field: Because it was so cold the field was frozen. So we actually warmed up inside, then we decided to stay on the artificial surface today just to protect our field for a day. And we’ll probably start an hour later tomorrow just so we give the field time to thaw out in the morning.

On the week ahead: Tomorrow we’ll have all the guys out here and we’ll push a little bit. Get some weights as well, then get ready for the weekend.

On Alonso's hamstring: We’re still looking at the same thing. We think he’ll be ready to go on the 23rd. So this week we knew we were going to keep him inside. He got looked at, had the MRI yesterday, and will continue to progress.

On Apam: He’s coming along, but fitness-wise it’s just not coming along as quickly as it needs to be. There’s an (undisclosed) injury there too, an old injury that he’s trying to deal with, but in terms of his fitness and in terms of bringing him up to the standards that we think he needs to be at to be in this league, obviously right now it’s not there, and that’s why we haven’t put him into the 18 or even trained him outside. We’ve had him run a little outside and do some ball work, but we have to reach a decision – he has to reach a decision, too. I think that’s something that will be happening in the next week or so, but right now I don’t see him being able to play. As I said at the time, it was a risk that we took. There wasn’t any time or other options out there for us we thought were even somewhat viable. So we said OK, we’ll roll the dice, if it works out great, if it doesn’t work out we haven’t lost anything. That’s where we’re at right now, but I don’t see him being able to help us.