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Hendrickson sees S2 as way to sustain success

HENDRICKSON: First of all I just want to say thanks to the Sounders organization for having the trust and the confidence in me to put me in charge of what I think is an integral part of any club. I think player development is right up there with player recruitment, player acquisition and ultimately player selection to be successful. I think in just six years we’ve become the top team both on and off the field, and I think having the proper development of young kids will go a long way in ensuring that it’s a sustainable success. So I’m very honored, I’m very flattered, I’m very excited. I spoke with Adrian months ago and told him it was something I really wanted to do, something I think I could really help the organization. So I’m really happy to have that opportunity to now do it.

SOUNDERS FC COACH SIGI SCHMID: Ezra knows what I want, what I’m looking for. He’s played with me enough years as a player and he’s been with me enough years now as a coach, so he knows what we’re trying to get out of players and what we want them to be able to do and accomplish. Being able to provide players for the next level is very important, but you can’t provide players for the next level unless you also win some games. So being last in the league and providing us with players is not going to do it. He knows that. It doesn’t mean they have to win the championship, but it means they have to be competitive game in and game out. I feel very confident and happy with Ezra being the choice, because I feel that establishes good continuity from S2 to Sounders.


He’s been a part of the organization from the beginning. He’s done a fantastic job in his six years assisting Sigi and working with (first assistant Brian Schmetzer) and the rest of the gang. He knows the culture, the brand, what we’re trying to accomplish as a first team, and now ultimately what we’re trying to do with S2 with a huge emphasis on youth development, and he’s worked a lot with the young players we’ve brought through over the year.