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Sounders turn 7: Hanauer, Schmid react

Happy birthday Sounders. Seven years ago today, MLS announced that it was granting a 15th franchise to Seattle.

Here is a tribute from the club website, and below some reaction today from general manager Adrian Hanauer and coach Sigi Schmid.

HANAUER: It’s been a great ride. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when we launched into it. But I’m not sure it could have gone a whole lot better. Certainly on more prized with this year would be the icing on the cake. But just the importance that the Sounders have become within the community I guess is the biggest sense of pride, just to walk downtown and see tons of people wearing Sounders gear and to know how important it is to so many people, the passion in the stadium. And to have had so many great people in the organization: players, coaches, management, and just to have such great representatives of the organization over the years. Again, it’s been a great ride. We have lots of success ahead if us, and I’ve never been more bullish on our league and the organization. So lots of good things in store for the next seven years.

SCHMID: I need to say happy birthday to the Sounders and all the Sounders fans. I didn’t know we were the age of 7 today. I think we need to remember that as a young club I think we’ve accomplished an awful lot. The growth of the club has been phenomenal in what we’ve accomplished on the field. We’ve been very consistent, which I think speaks well for the club as well. And the other thing has been just the continued support that the fans have given us. I think everybody was waiting for the balloon to pop or wondering when is this going to happen, and it just kept maintaining, and that’s a tribute to the fans. Happy birthday to all of them.