Sounders Insider

Wet weather shortens training; Schmid says coming cold likely not much advantage

The Sounders cut training to under an hour today at Starfire due to the exceptionally rainy weather in the area.

"We got I’d say 75 percent of what we wanted to do at training done," coach Sigi Schmid said. "So we got through our warmup, we got through the one phase and got through what we wanted to do also offense vs. defense. And we just decided not to play 8-v-8, more because of the way the field was."

Overnight much colder weather is expected to move into the area, and Schmid was asked it he thought through could be an advantage against Los Angeles on Sunday.

"Everybody would rather play in a little bit warmer weather," he said. "But certainly if you’re more used to playing in cold weather it helps you. I’ve always thought it was an advantage for all the years that I coached at UCLA, to train in warm weather and to come to cold weather to play you felt like you could run all day. And it was harder to come and train in cold weather and to play in hot weather. I think that made it more difficult. So for us, it’s something that we’re used to. It’s something that will be a little more different for them. Maybe some of them don’t deal well with the cold. Maybe some of them that are a little bit tight, it will cause problems for those kind of players."