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Schmid talks expansion draft plan

MLSnew15The 18 established MLS clubs will present their expansion draft lists to Orlando and New York City on Monday in advance of the actual expansion draft Wednesday. My understanding is that the list will be made public Monday as well -- at least that's the way it's been in the past.

Here's what Seattle coach Sigi Schmid had to say last week about what will go into the Sounders' thinking about which 11 player to protect -- and by extension, which to expose:

"It is a little bit of a crapshoot because otherwise you just say OK let’s protect our starting 11 and we’ll go from there," Schmid said. "But you’ve got to look at things. You’ve got to look at our players maybe thinking of returning. A guy like Zach Scott who now is 34, going on 35, who is going to have offseason surgery, has been in Seattle all this time, so is he really somebody who is going to go somewhere else? He’s not even sure if he is going to come back next year at this stage. So you think, OK, he was a starter for us, but maybe we don’t protect him at this stage. You look at different things like that.

"You look at another guy who’s maybe the contract amount that he’s making, maybe

that will scare a team off. So you look at that. So you’re balancing all of those different things. And the league office also has rules depending on how many foreign players you have on your roster you have to protect so many foreign players as well. There are sometimes teams that approach you and say can we trade some of our foreign guys to you so you can put them on your list because we have too many and we don’t want to protect these guys. So there are different things that go into it.

"And it’s not an exact science either. You also try to guess a little bit, well, I heard this guy likes this player. Or I know this guy has some history with guys, so you’re saying maybe we shouldn’t put him on the list because there’s a likelihood that he might get taken, whereas another coach might not. And then you’ve got the other side of it, like a couple of years ago when Vancouver was one of the new teams in the league and we were able to pick up O’Brian White through the expansion draft by making a trade. Unfortunately O’Brian’s career was cut short with the blood-clot situation, but that would have been an excellent pickup for us. So sometimes you’re also on the other side of it, looking at who the other teams don’t protect, and there might be somebody that they don’t protect that really sparks our interest where we then go to one of the clubs and say, ‘Hey, if you picked this guy, what would you want from us.”

"So it’s a pretty massive game and once those lists come out on Monday and before Wednesday (we) will probably be very busy on the phone."