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Torres says he’s ready to play

We’ve got some basics on newest Sounder Roman Torres below. Here is some of what he had to say today (translated from Spanish) when he met with local media for the first time:

On joining the Sounders) Iwas very glad about joining a big institution like Sounders. I’m very happy that I landed here. I have been looking after coming to MLS for quite a bit now. I’m very happy that I ended up here with Seattle Sounders. … It’s been a while that I’ve been paying attention to this opportunity. It tuned out into a reality after a good performance at the Gold Cup. Now it turned into reality.

On MLS) It is a very important league and there are many other Panamanian players who came here before – like Blas Perez and others – and they told me about the importance of this league. Now I’m excited to be here, and I’m going to give the best of me to the most important objective, which is to be champion.

On his own game) I think what I bring the most here is my strength, my aggressiveness of playing. I’m also very good at playing with my teammates, and I have received a very warm welcome from all my teammates. I felt really good as a family when I first came here, and in my first practice today I have been able to practice very well with everybody else. Now I’m just waiting for instructions from the coach about what he wants me to do and hopefully earn a place on the opening style.

How he feels physically) Right after the Gold Cup I had a week off of vacation. Then I went back to my team in Bogota and I started practicing for a week. I was doing very well and now I’m here, so I’m ready to play.

On representing Panama in MLS) It means a lot for the Panamanian people. They’re very proud of having players playing in this league. I have been looking for this opportunity for a while. So I’m very happy that it turned into a reality.