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Sounders’ Evans enduring utility role again

When the Sounders approached Brad Evans about switching to centerback this season, he asked just one thing: that he get to stay there.

The Sounders agreed -- mostly. But now circumstances have evolved. Osvaldo Alonso is injured, Roman Torres has been signed, and with that, coach Sigi Schmid sees defensive midfielder as the spot where Evans can be most useful to the team.

Evans -- the Sounders captain -- has agreed. But no one is bothering to pretend that he’s happy about it.

Here’s some of what Evans and Schmid had to say today:


On topic of recent talk with Schmid) That I’ll be playing a different position. Playing a different position. And closing out the year playing a different position.

On if he’s taking a bullet for the team) Yeah. I felt like I had a good first two-thirds of the year, and I built into that position and felt like save for a few mistakes I thought that I was playing well. So, the situation is what it is right now, and I’ll go most likely into midfield and close out the year there.

On his favorite positon) I’d like to be comfortable in one position, yeah. And that was every day coming in, having one goal in mind and playing that position and not having to think on a Thursday what position I’m going to be playing on Saturday, and it’s that’s going to change. So it that makes it my favorite position, then yeah, center back was my favrotie position.

On when he started feeling comfortable at centerback) Probably a good 10-15 games into the season. As of late, definitely building into it and feeling comfortable, especially with the ball at my feet and joining the attack and making sure that I’m connecting, covering for the right back and the other center back as well. And now make the transition up the field.


On if Evans migh move again when Alonso is healthy) We’ll see. We’ll see what all that brings for us at the end of the day. We’ve got to try to get our best team on the field, and that’s something that we’ve got to see how all that fits together at the end. Is that Brad at midfield for us, is that Brad back at centerback, is it Brad maybe at outside back for this year? There might be a little bit of variety there, and then next year we’ll try to find a position again.

On if Evans’ skill set works as an outside defender) He does well as an outside back, but he’s not left-footed, so he’s not necessarily a left back, and Tyrone’s done all right at right back. Right now it’s just a matter of getting our best players on the field, and right now Ozzie’s not in there so we think Brad gives us a good option there.

On how much a player’s preference can be considered) Brad’s a good captain. I think he’ll help out the team. He’ll understand. He and I have spoken. Do I think he’s over the moon over it? No, I’m not that silly. But I know he’s a good captain. He knows I have his back, he has mine, and I know he’ll do what the team needs to help us get to the playoffs and win an MLS Cup.