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Tally Hall: Another tough day at CenturyLink

Here’s some of what Orlando City SC had to say after losting 4-0 in their first-ever visit to Seattle:


On the match:

“Obviously really disappointed, bitterly disappointed, with our performance. Started sloppy and never really got a foothold in the game at any stage. I thought they were better than us in every department. Never got a grip on their front two. They were too good for us on the day. Then we compound ourselves by turning the ball over cheaply in the first half then getting a guy sent off when we had possession of a free kick in the outskirts of our own box. We haven’t done ourselves any favors today – a really poor, poor performance.”

On how to get something more out of this team:

“We have to do something, don’t we? I can make excuses, but that’s what I have to do – get more out of this group. I’m a little bit concerned about our away form at this moment in time. The differences in our home performances and our away performances are night and day. Individually and collectively we have to make it better. I’m including us as a staff as well – we have to get better because certainly today wasn’t good enough. It was unacceptable, really, for the players we had on the field.”

On the decision to start Tyler Turner at right back instead of Corey Ashe:

“Well, that’s his position – he’s a rightback. He’s got to learn. He’s got to play in places like this if he’s going to have a future in the game. And today, it looked a little bit too much for him, culminating with getting sent off. I think it’s the sixth game this year where we’ve had somebody sent off. Not really any of them have been for anything malicious so it’s something else we’re going to have to address because futbol is hard enough with 11, let alone going away from home and playing with 10.”

On what he’s seeing with the defense’s struggles on the road in particular:

“It certainly doesn’t help when you turn the ball over cheaply near your own goal, especially against the quality that we were playing against today. I think those two [Martins and Valdez] have played together before – you could tell that. They had good chemistry going, but we didn’t help ourselves. If you keep turning the ball over 15 yards outside your own 18-yard box to good teams, good attacking players, then you’re going to concede goals. It was poor today.”

On David Mateos’ performance:

“It was a difficult afternoon for him against two really good forwards. We didn’t have a lot of protection in front of him and I think we turned the ball over too much in the wrong areas and put ourselves in really bad situations.”

On their next game in Toronto:

“We have to regroup. We get back in the early hours of this morning then we have to get the group back together again and start going over it and see what we can do. We have to try and instill some confidence and get a better shape than we are. Next week is a huge game for us.”

On whether or not Rafael Ramos will be available:

“Yeah, he will be back for next week.”


On how the team can improve defensively:

“Working hard in practice. Focusing on, you know, simple things. When it comes gametime, I don’t think we execute very well. You know, when we’re under pressure, just getting rid of it. Whether it’s taking space defensively when we can. [They] play a short corner and pass it out to the top of the box, we have to take some space. We can’t just sit there and watch them go for the ball. So it’s fairly simple things. But it’s, I mean, they’re incredibly simple.”

On overcoming the team’s bad run of form:

“Well I think when you look at it, like I said, it’s simple things which makes it incredibly frustrating [that] we’re making those mistakes. It doesn’t take much to fix them, we just have to take responsibility and put it on our shoulders and do it. It’s a decision, and if you’re not going to make a decision to do the right thing, that will speak for itself. That’s all of us.”

On his strong performance in front of his hometown:

“Yeah, it’s always a special place. This [CenturyLink Field] is where I had senior prom. I lost [a game] that day too. I just remember looking out the window the whole time and looking at the field, and just wanting to be out there. So here I am, getting to play on the field, but that novelty wears off as soon as you get scored on.”

On whether he saw something that helped him save the penalty kick:

“No, I just got lucky I guess. I thought about a couple of things that I could have done better on the last few penalties [I faced], and I just tried to explode and be big. Not give up too much space, and it just worked out this time.”


On Seattle being a special place to play for him:

“Yeah, I had a great three years here. It was the first team that gave me a shot. I have some fond memories here, but of course it was one of those days that we just didn’t play well. It’s really tough to think about it right now, but we have to rebound and refocus as quickly as possible because we have some really big games coming up. So, now the focus is on Toronto, and trying to forget about this game as quickly as possible.”

On staying positive during this run

“I think the team just has to stick together. I’ve been on teams that have gone through good times and bad times, and the only thing that gets you out of those bad times is fighting for the guy next to you. Now that we have nine games left, you know, a lot of these games are away from home. So, these are massive games, tough games, but I think defensively we have to be a lot sharper and a lot smarter. Way, way, way smarter for sure.”

On preparing for Toronto FC

“Well I think it’s similar to Seattle. They have some special players, guys who can really, really hurt you. Very, very dangerous. [Sebastian] Giovinco had a phenomenal game against us, but now that we’ve seen that, there are absolutely no excuses. So we just have to be ready for that. [Michael] Bradley is probably going to be back, Jozy [Altidore] is going to be back. They have a lot of star power but; you know. Now it’s time to rebound, have a good week of training, and focus on the games coming up.”

On conceding thirteen goals in the previous three away games

“Look, it’s not just one player. It’s from front to back, and from back to front. We’re in this together and we just have to fight for each other. It’s really that simple.”