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Olimpia coach agrees with PK call

Here’s some of what Olimpia coach Hector Vargas had to say about his team’s late 2-1 loss in Seattle tonight:

On the fight at the end of the match:

“It didn’t end the way that I expected. I don’t think we were expecting something like that. I believe that towards the end, the level of the referee was not at the same level that the match required. You never want to see a game where the referee is not at the level of the game.”

On whether the penalty was rightly called:

“Yes, I believe it was really a penalty kick. Every game has things between the lines that happen throughout the game and as the game progresses, there are things that happen that affect the game, and this was affected by that.”

On the Seattle crowd:

“It is a really nice and beautiful ambiance. I’m from Argentina so I’m used to people being very engaged with the game. It’s very nice to see here and in Portland, where we also had a chance to play. We see people engaged and we see people enjoying the game.”

On the team’s strategy:

“We knew what we needed to do. We knew that they were going to have possession and we knew we needed to have speed to go beyond their line up forward, which tends to be a little slow. That was our chance to have an opportunity. Everything is valid. If it is legal, it is valid, and we’ve been playing that way.”