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Schmid proud of young players in defeat

Here’s some of what the Sounders had to say Wednesday night after their 1-0 CCL loss to Olimpia in Honduras:


Overview) I was proud of our team. With all the injuries we’ve had and players coming back from injuries, we obviously couldn’t bring along a lot of our top players. And I for a very young group to come into this game and to make it a very difficult game for Olimpia … shows a lot of things for our future, because it was a very, very young team with the exception of maybe three players out on the field.

On Olimpia approach) I was expecting that they would come in and try to play very offensively and come at us, and we were prepared that we needed to defend. We were looking to counterattack. I thought we had some good moments to counterattack. But overall, we gave up a goal.

On if his roster underestimated Olimpia) We didn’t (fail to) bring our full team because we underestimated Olimpia, we brought the players that we could bring. We’ve had a number of injuries and a lot of players coming off of injuries, and there was just no way that we could bring those players, not without the risk of them getting injured again, and we have important league matches coming up and we’re in a fight there. But players like Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, Valdez is trying to get fit – you can go on and on. Ivanschitz is injured for us right now, and you can go on and on. So we brought the best team that we could bring.

On Olimpia holding tie-breaker) Yeah, we understand that. That’s why we were trying to get a goal at the end. But Olimpia also still has to play Vancouver twice, and playing in Vancouver will not be an easy task for them. We need to do what we could do, and today we came up short.

On the rematch) Obviously playing here is more difficult, because you’re traveling and everything else for us. We were able to use or put on our bench a couple of our more experienced players in the home game – Friberg and Evans and Torres, who we couldn’t bring for this game. For us, this was definitely a more complicated game. I also want to make sure that you understand: We have a lot of respect for Olimpia and their team and their quality; so the team that we put out was in no way disrespect for them. It was just as I said before the best team we could field.


Overview) I think for 55 minutes we competed. You could see that we started to tire, that the game started to overwhelm us a bit. But a lot of the young guys stepped up and did well.

On the goal) It’s a breakdown. We gave the ball away at a very bad spot, we don’t close it down, we don’t run with runners. It’s a bit unlucky where the ball comes off of me, it bounces back to their player.

On the Vancouver visit) We’ve got to take it to them. I think when we play Vancouver we actually have a lot more rest and we’ll have a lot more guys back. That’s a chance for us to really take it to them and put a stamp on it.

On MLS match Sunday with Portland) Playing in front of hopefully a sellout crowd will be great. Playing back at home will be great. The atmosphere around the club is good. We’re in good spirits. We’re learning to fight now as a group, and we’ve got to go and we’ve got to really take it to Portland and show that even through they’re ahead of us, they don’t deserve to be there.

Rookie midfielder CRISTIAN ROLDAN

Overview) It was a great experience for all of our young guys. … The result isn’t what we wanted. We defended well. They had one chance in particular that they put in. We just have to be a little bit better at that, and a little more creative in the offensive third.