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Timbers coach laments ref and result

Here’s some of what Portland coach Caleb Porter had to say after the Timbers’ 2-1 loss at Seattle:

On the match:

“I thought they were outstanding today and we deserved more out of the game. I thought Seattle was fortunate, but that happens in football. They feel good, they get the points, we feel bad, we don’t, but I thought we deserved more out of the game.”

On if taking control from the start was the plan:

“Our plan was to come in and go toe to toe with them. I thought we did that and were far and away the better team. I thought the official was very poor. I’ll stick with the theme of coaches complaining this week. The reality is I call a spade a spade and the official was very poor today.”

On how the penalty affected the match:

“Obviously they go up 2-0. I thought the first (goal) was a bit unfortunate as well. There may have been a couple fouls in there. We have to do better and clear the ball as well. That was the first time they really smelled our goal. They had nothing. I can’t even remember one time during the game when they broke us down. Their high-powered, big-budget team had trouble. They couldn’t create much on us and they get out of this game with three points off of a poor first goal and then a PK.”

On what positives to take away from this match:

“We need to continue this positive play. We have seven games to go and our next three of four are at home. If we take care of business at home, we’re going to be in a good spot. We can’t get frustrated. There were some things that happened in this game that we felt hard done by, but we need to continue our positive play. If you look at the second half versus Houston and both halves tonight, if we play like that, nine out of 10 times we’re going to win. I’m really pleased. This game can be cruel, but I’ve learned over time, it comes back around. It’ll come back around in our favor here in the next seven games and even out. They come out on the winning end. Don’t know if we deserved to lose, don’t know if they deserved to win, but that happens in football. You move on from it.”

On the officiating:

“Like I said, I’m sticking with the theme of we’re coaches, we’re all ambassadors for MLS and want the game to grow, but I thought the game was very poorly managed by the official. And he’s an experienced guy, but he seemed to be sleepwalking through the game. It wasn’t anything where he was biased toward one team or another or unethical, I just thought that he was very poor. Just like coaches have poor games and players have poor games – he had a poor game. It seemed like he wasn’t ready for the intensity, wasn’t ready for the magnitude of the game, kind of strolled around and just didn’t seem like there was any consistency in the foul recognition. That’s the frustrating thing. When you go into a game, officials see things differently, but you get a sense right away of what’s a foul and you can kind of adjust to that. I have no idea what a foul was today. No idea. Some were hard fouls not called, light fouls called. For me, it seemed like it got away from him. He probably knows it as well, but there needs to be some accountability. We’re all under pressure to perform and the officials need to be under pressure as well. I hope Peter Walton is watching this game. We’ve come up with this great organization PRO, but I hope that we’re evolving and growing these officials and that we’re not turning a blind eye to their poor performances. In this game, with two good teams, rivalry game, a lot at stake, we need a better referee. Like I said, I think he is a good official based on the games I’ve watched in the past, but today, he was very poor.”

On the performance of George Fochive:

“I thought our entire team was very good. On both sides of the ball. You hold a team like Seattle, with the talent that they have, to six shots and maybe one or two on goal – you have to be organized and be up for it. I thought we were up for it, we battled right from the start. We had a couple chances early and we were the ones pushing and the first time they’re in the box, it’s in the back of the net. Then it’s the PK, but our response in the second half was outstanding. We pulled a goal back to go 2-1 and were in position. They’re hanging on. Listen, we leave a bit of a marker I think, even though we didn’t get the result. We leave a marker for the next seven games. If we continue this, we’re going to get points. Sometimes short term you feel a little bit hard done, but it’ll even out.”

On if he has any concerns about his team finishing:

“No. If you get chances, you’re going to score goals. I think there will be a few guys that are disappointed about that finishing touch, but if you keep getting chances, you’re going to score goals. I’ve seen that. It doesn’t matter who is in those situations, you’re eventually going to find goals. It’s a bit unfortunate. I thought we should’ve leveled it at 1-1 with the breakaway. The game is different if we find that goal. Then we missed a couple clear ones to go 2-2 so I thought we at least deserved a point under the situation and circumstances of this match.”