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Sounders: Health, the PK, Torres departure

The Sounders returned to training Monday at CenturyLink Field to accommodate the crowd of onlookers from the annual camper appreciation day.

Here’s some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say a day after his team’s 2-1 win over Portland, and heading toward the 7 p.m. Saturday visit from Toronto FC:

On if his opinion of Sunday match has changed) Our concern right now is the points, and I don’t think the style points. I’ve coached in enough games where I won the style points and didn’t get the points at the end of the day. So maybe for some coaches that’s new or newer, but it happens. For us right now it’s about getting points and finding our confidence again.

On if Evans will shift positions again now that Alonso is back) We’ll work on things this week in practice and we’ll make a determination what’s best to play. This could be – I don’t know yet – but this could be the first week where we really have almost all of the options to choose from. Now the hard part is deciding, OK, what’s the best way to fit all that together on the field.

On the point total he thinks it will take to get into playoffs) I’ve always said historically if you’re going to average a point and a half a game, which is 51, you’re generally going to get into the playoffs. So now we’re at 38, and that puts us 13 away from there with seven games to go. So obviously you can figure it out: you get five wins in there. Obviously this game is important for us on Saturday because it’s at home: We need to get the points at home. And then the game in San Jose becomes a very big game because it’s a six-point game.

On the controversial call that led to a Sounder PK, but no Timbers red card) I still think it’s a PK. I don’t think it’s a red card. In essence if you’re a midfielder and a guy pushes the ball past you or pushes the ball through your legs and you stand there and you obstruct him you get called for a foul. There used to be fouls that were direct free kicks and indirect free kicks. Obstruction is an indirect free kick. But you never see indirect free kicks called anymore. So that to me is a classic case of obstruction and maybe in the old days that would have been an indirect free kick in the box. But that doesn’t get called anymore. But for sure it’s a foul. A goalkeeper – just like a defender – can’t run and just stand in the way of a player. You can’t do that.

On the status of Clint Dempsey, who trained again Monday) He continues to grow. And we need him to be 100 percent so that he can do all the things necessary.

(Missing from practice Monday was central defender Roman Torres, who will be away through the weekend with the Panama national team.)