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Schmid on Sounders’ run of hamstrings

Some of you had asked this week about the exceptional run of hamstring injuries suffered by the Sounders -- Dempsey, Alonso, Barrett, Rose, more -- this season.

Here’s what coach Sigi Schmid had to say today:

We’ve gone over and over that a little bit. Obviously we always look at things, discuss things. We’ve changed our warm-up a little bit. We think that’s helped, as well. We’re also taking about certain exercises, how many days in a week should be play bigger vs. smaller type of thing. That’s are always things that we’re looking at. Some have just been with Leo, I think you’re more inclined to pull a hamstring at 35 than you are at 25, so you have those things in there. And you look at our team, we have some young players, but we’re not a young team if you described us as a team. So you have to look at those situations. Ozzie has just been for the last two years on and off injuries. I think the surgery and coming back and maybe coming back too soon, we had to push him maybe too many minutes when he first came back. Each situation is different, but we try to look at some common threads that occur within that, and we’re always trying to evaluate and make determinations as to what we might have not done as good as we needed to do, or what we can improve upon.”