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Schmid at training, but won’t travel to San Jose

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid, right, back at training at Starfire today with players Erik Friberg and Brad Evans.
Sounders coach Sigi Schmid, right, back at training at Starfire today with players Erik Friberg and Brad Evans. Staff writer

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid returned to training at Starfire today after missing the Saturday match with Toronto and early-week training due to an undisclosed health issue -- which remains undisclosed.

Here is some of what Schmid was willing to share about his health -- and the health of his team -- heading into the Saturday match at San Jose... a trip that Schmid will not take.

On what he is willing to share: On Saturday early morning I had a health issue that required me to go to the hospital. They kept me in the hospital until Tuesday, released me on Tuesday. The details of it is for me and my family. But I’ve gotten the OK to go from here.

On how he feels: I feel good. I’m not going to travel this weekend. Not because I can’t travel -- I could fly, that’s not an issue, I can go – but the doctors wanted me to stay like in this area for at least a week. So I should be on the bench against Vancouver.

On confidence with first-assistant Brian Schmetzer in charge: It’s great to have Brian step in. I’m confident in Brian and the rest of the coaching staff: Ante, Tommy Dutra and Dave Tenney. It’s just much harder watching a game on TV than it is watching it live.

On watching the win over Toronto: Yeah, I watched the game Saturday. It was hard watching the game. I told the guys this morning there was one through ball that Zach let bounce, and I was going like, ‘Why is he letting that thing bounce?’ and then Stefan Frei picked it up just inside the 18. Well, if you’re sitting there you know that Stefan’s coming out, but on TV you can’t see that because the TV is in too close. So you’re sitting there like, ‘Wait a second…’

On is return today: It was good. You don’t sleep the best in the hospital, so getting a good night’s sleep was really important and good. This is what I love doing, and this is what I’m still capable of doing, so I was excited about it.

On if health issue could affect his long-term career plans: It shouldn’t affect anything from a longevity point of view. It’s something that they’re dealing with. It’s under control.

On the Earthquakes: We’ve struggled against them. They’re playing more of a straight 4-4-2 now. It makes them a little easier. Obviously it’s a huge game for them, but also a huge game for us. I think we match up pretty well with them. It’s just a matter of us making sure that we use our strengths and score some goals against them. It’s been a while since we’ve scored some goals agains them.

On relaying information with Schmetzer: We were able to communicate before the game, once we had their lineup, etc.

On division of duties this week: We had our coaches meeting this morning and it was no different than it normally is. Because Brian I know is going to be coaching the game on Saturday I’m letting him take a little more of a lead on the practice field. I let him lead some things in the coaches meeting as well. That was the only difference. I told him I wasn’t going to try to step in and coach. I made one point to one player and Ante steps in and says, ‘We got it; we got it.’

On the health of his team: Ivanchitz is doing well: fitness is there, health-wise is good. Torres and Pappa are tired. Torres got in at like midnight last night – basically flew for I think 12-13 hours of travel. So he needs to get a good night’s sleep, but he should be ready for Saturday. And Pappa, same thing. He played 90 minutes on Tuesday, so we just wanted him to regen today. Dempsey, you know, we’ll know more tomorrow.