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Marshall says he’s ready to return from neck injury

Seattle Sounders' Chad Marshall and Vancouver Whitecaps' Kendall Waston during the second half of an MLS match last month in Canada.
Seattle Sounders' Chad Marshall and Vancouver Whitecaps' Kendall Waston during the second half of an MLS match last month in Canada. Associated Press

Chad Marshall met with the media today with the good news that his neck injury suffered a couple of weeks ago in training has healed well enough where he’s ready to return to MLS action Sunday if needed when the Sounders visit Houston.

Here’s what he had to say:

On how he’s doing: Doing good. Every day has gotten better and better since it happened. I’m happy to be back out on the training field and feeling good. … It’s kind of been a progression from being partially in to full in. The trainers did it right, and the coaching staff, the way they brought me back in seamlessly.

On if he’s ready to go Sunday: Yeah for sure. Obviously I was out a little bit, so you lose some fitness. I did a little extra this week to hopefully get that back. I know going to Houston it’s going to be hot, so it might be difficult, but I think I’m ready if called for.

On the benefit of a bye week last weekend: Yeah that was huge. The way that worked out, I didn’t have to miss another game. It gave us a little more time. Obviously guys got some rest, which was good going into this late part of the season. And for me it was nice to be at home relaxing and not stressing that I’m missing games, missing training. It worked out well.

On the injury: I took a knock. I was falling one way and got hit back another way. Felt a little crunch in my neck. Immediately had some pain. Anytime you’re dealing with head and neck you’ve got to be super-cautious. So it’s probably a little overkill with the ambulance and everything, but you’ve got to be cautious with that kind of stuff. Went and got a couple of scans and everything looked fine, so went home that day and it’s just been recovering since then.

On if he thought he’s be back this quickly: No. I feel very lucky that the scans when the way they did. I thought for sure when I went down that it was going to be something decent. To be back here in two weeks in full training, I feel very lucky, very blessed. … It was concerning for me at first, for sure. I went down and my neck hurts, so they’re holding it there. You know you don’t move it, so I really didn’t move my neck for like six-seven hours, because I’m in a brace, so before you know what you’re dealing with. So because it was a neck- and head-related, then you’ve got to be extra cautious about it.

On if he’d ever been through anything like that: No I’ve never had anything like that. I’ve never had a teammate need an ambulance or anything like that. So, happy to check that off the list.

On if any issues related to car accident last year: Probably. I’ve had some stuff going onin the neck from last year with the car accident, and then earlier this season. So that was an issue, that was something I was thinking about when that happened, if I had reinjured that or made that worse. But the scans went well, so we’re in.