Conservative comics are bringing ‘The Deplorables Show’ to Tacoma after others say no

Photo: Screenshot of deplorableshow.com

The Deplorables are coming to Tacoma.

A touring comedy act with a conservative bent, “The Deplorables Show,” is coming to Tacoma’s Pantages Theater on March 31.

The booking came after other venues allegedly said no to the group.

“A bunch of liberals turned us down,” says comic Terrence Williams in a video tweet Wednesday. “A bunch of snowflakes told us we could not perform because we voted for Trump.”

But, he said, the group persevered in booking 15 venues across the country.

“We’re coming to Albany, New York; New York, New York; Portland, Oregon,” and then Williams breaks into laughter. “It’s a whole bunch of snowflakes there.”

He composes himself.

“We’re coming to Tacoma, Washington.”

Tacoma Arts Live, the manager of the Pantages, said the booking is a rental of the space and not part of their regular season programming.

“The Deplorables Show” describes itself as, “An uproarious comedy show for right minded thinkers.”

Along with Williams, it stars comics Steve “Mudflap” McGrew and Michael Loftus.

Williams is an ardent Trump supporter who doesn’t like to be called African American.

“I’m not an African American I never been to Africa,” Williams tweeted on Tuesday. “Call me a Black American or Just an American supporting Trump.”

The show also features “The Deplorable Choir,” three women who belt out twangy tunes such as “Brick by Brick,” an ode to President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Sample lyric: “It don’t mean hate. It means come here a legal way.”

In “Damn Democrats” the group sings, “They want our wallets, They want our guns.” The rest of the lyrics are not printable.

In a video of the song, one of the group has traded in her “Make America Great Again” hat for a pseudo Native American headdress.

Tickets went on sale on Wednesday. They range from $49.50 to $125.