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New food truck with 7 kinds of tacos opens on the Tideflats

Three tacos, with al pastor meat, from Taqueria Sinaloa.
Three tacos, with al pastor meat, from Taqueria Sinaloa.

Forget sideways rain, the bitter cold, the wind.

Tacos are an every-season food.

That means fall is as good a time as any to open a taco truck.

Taqueria Sinaloa opened about two weeks ago in the parking lot of Earth Tech Industries across the street from Hylebos Marina on Marine View Drive.

The truck is operated by Bernardo and Aide Figueroa.

“My wife and I primarily run and operate on the daily basis. We have a beautiful daughter in college, and on a lucky day you may meet her also,” said Figueroa in an email.

They also have two young boys, Bernardo Jr. and Andres.

The family previously operated in Des Moines, but opted to move to Tacoma.

“We feel more happy in Tacoma,” he said.

As the truck’s name suggests, the cuisine reflects the food of Sinaloa.

“We are from Sinaloa. It is in northwest Mexico. We cook the way we did at home. It is about fresh food every day. You must cook with fresh food so the flavors are bright and crisp. This area has very good produce markets where we can buy ingredients for the day’s cooking. It is why we open at 11 because I have to shop in the morning,” said Bernardo.

Here’s one specialty you won’t want to miss on the menu: taquitos dorados, which are fried tacos.

Here’s what else you need to know about the taco truck.

The menu: Tacos, sopes and mulitas ($2 to $3 each); torta sandwiches ($6.50); quesadillas ($8); burritos ($8.75 to $9.50); enchiladas ($8.50); nachos ($7.50); chicken tostados ($8.50); carne asada plate ($12); gisado plate ($9.50); pollo asado ($8.50), camarones ranchero ($10.50) and taquitos dorados ($6).

Meat choices: Seven. Adobada (spicy pork), asada (beef), carnitas (pork), lengua (tongue), al pastor (pineapple-marinated pork), pescado (fish) and pollo (chicken).

Those taquitos dorados: Sometimes you’ll find that dish listed as taco dorados. They’re corn tortillas stuffed with meat and fried. If you’ve cruised the Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru and ordered something called a “taco,” you already have a very crude understanding of tacos dorados.

At Taqueria Sinaloa, they arrived as folded over corn tortillas filled with pork and fried until crunchy. They also are available in beef or chicken.

The trio of tasty pork turnovers were mounded with snappy vegetables and drizzles of sauce. There was fresh cubed cucumber, fresh cilantro, shredded lettuce, a creamy avocado sauce, sour cream, salsa and cotija cheese.

Burrito: A large, lengua burrito arrived folded up square, like a huge burrito envelope, and was grilled after assembly. Inside the toasty flour tortilla were simple ingredients. A smear of beans, tender lengua, rice, lettuce, a few pickled jalapenos and sour cream ($9.50).

Don’t miss: Al pastor tacos arrived on double layered, warmed corn tortillas with cubed pineapple and diced onions ($2 each). A carne asada plate was stacked with three slices of cooked-to-order skirt steak with a salty marinade, plus thick beans, rice and warm corn tortillas.

Plating: Garnish receives extra attention here with fresh sliced cucumber, radish, fresh lime and two kinds of spicy salsa. The orange is spicier, the red salsa a little less so.

Payment: Cash only.

Seating: No seating and the only shelter is directly in front of the truck at the order window.

Wasn’t it open before? Yes. The truck opened but had to close and find an approved commissary for food prep. The reopening was about two weeks ago.

Taqueria Sinaloa

Where: 1941 Marine View Drive, Tacoma (in the parking lot of Earth Tech Industries)

Hours: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays.

Contact: 206-280-6937;

Note: Cash only