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New by-the-slice pizza restaurant coming to Stadium neighborhood. Its owner is from Brooklyn

Pictured here are two pizza pies.
Pictured here are two pizza pies. For The New York Times

Coming to the Stadium neighborhood later this year is a by-the-slice pizza restaurant.

It will open at 24 N. Tacoma Ave. in the former home of Tully’s, near Stadium Thriftway and Copper Door.

The working name of the restaurant, which could change, is Salamone’s Pizza.

Owner Steven Salamone just signed the lease. He described his upcoming restaurant as a classic “New York style pizza-by-the-slice” restaurant.

That last part is important, said the Brooklyn native, who will pay homage to his childhood pizza memories.

He vividly recalled childhood family outings up 18th Avenue in Brooklyn when hunger inevitably would strike.

“They blow the exhaust into the street and you walk by,” he said. “The smell, that aroma is such a memory.”

He recounted the ritual of ordering a slice, “You walk up to your counter, you say, ‘I’ll have this slice, that slice.’ They heat up your slice and you’re out the door.”

Said Salamone, “There’s a distinction between New York and the other styles. There are so many different styles. There’s Chicago thin, Chicago deep, grandma’s Sicilian pizza, Naples style, the Detroit style. The New York is what mine is going to be. It’s an 18-inch-round pie.”

“It’s made from very high protein flour and it has a good hue and good crust to it,” he said. “When you pick it up, you don’t need a fork or a knife to eat it. It doesn’t flop over.”

He’ll sell pizza by the whole pie, too. The restaurant will have a focus on value and speedy service.

This will be a first restaurant for Salamone, although he’s consulted on restaurant projects.

Salamone is a self-taught pizza maker with his own dough recipe. A serious love of food is a common theme in his Sicilian family.

Salamone met his wife here while both were students in the 1990s. He studied finance at the University of Washington. They moved across the country when she was bound for medical school and he was starting a job on Wall Street.

A few years ago, they returned with their children to be closer to the family of his wife, who grew up in Puyallup.

Salamone is just about to apply for building permits to remodel the 1,200-square-foot space that will seat about 20.