TNT Diner

What happened to Tacoma’s Sakura steakhouse? The answer is in Spanaway.

Consider this a Japanese steakhouse turnover, rather than a closure. The previous owners of Sakura, a Japanese steakhouse near Tacoma Mall, closed the restaurant in October to make way for new owners who will be familiar faces to some.

The owners of Samurai’s Japanese Steakhouse in Spanaway will open a second steakhouse at Sakura’s old home, 3630 S. Cedar St., Tacoma. Find updates at Samurai’s Facebook page.

Fan of teppanyaki restaurants? Here are others to try. Mandolin Sushi and Steakhouse opened in August 2013 in Tacoma. The dining room not only has several roomy teppanyaki tables, but also has a sushi menu. Another teppanyaki restaurant is Mizu in Gig Harbor, which opened in 2010. Much like Mandolin in Tacoma, Mizu has a menu that also includes sushi. There’s also the teppanyaki restaurant, Iron Chef, in Puyallup’s South Hill neighborhood.

For the unititiated, teppanyaki is a style of cooking that’s as much about dinner as it is about the show. Chefs perform silly cookery tricks as they griddle teriyaki style dinners at large grills in the center of communal dining tables (which means you might be seated next to someone you’ve never met). What I always say to teppanyaki newcomers: You haven’t lived until a teppanyaki chef has pegged you in the head with flying zucchini. And everyone should see The Onion Ring of Volcanic Fire just once.