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Edison City Alehouse now open in South Tacoma

The “Shington” sandwich, a combination of roast beef and horseradish, grilled in a panini press.
The “Shington” sandwich, a combination of roast beef and horseradish, grilled in a panini press. Staff writer

Here’s a first look at a newer taproom and bottle shop in South Tacoma

What is it: Edison City Alehouse, South Tacoma’s newest taproom and bottle shop.

Who owns it? Robby Bessey and Andrew Babcock opened Edison City Alehouse about six months ago in the neighborhood near South 56th Street and South Tacoma Way. Locals know that part of Tacoma as Edison City, which is why Bessey and Babcock coined it as such (the space formerly was another bottle shop).

What about the brew? Bessey and Babcock are focusing on a selection of local beer with 14 constantly changing taps featuring hard-to-find seasonals, sours and other sought-after beers.

“We try hard to balance Northwest and local to Pierce County beers. Mostly, we’re making available the best beers we can find, whether they’re from New York or Oregon. But we definitely want to promote the local beer community,” said Bessey.

Pierce County brew: Pierce County brewers consistently dominate the taps, including recent offerings from Tacoma brewers Odd Otter, Wingman, Harmon, and Pacific Brewing and Malting — as well as MT Head from Graham.

Brew by the bottle: In the cooler is a selection of craft beer from Washington state and beyond, and a few international bottles.

Sandwiches, too: In June, the alehouse began offering grilled sandwiches to round out its beer offerings. I dug into two excellent sandwiches on a visit a little over a month ago. The South Side ($8), was a pressed sandwich stacked with smoked ham, salami, provolone, basil and an olive spread that lent the flavor of a muffaletta. The Shington ($8) was a tall affair with quadruple-layered roast beef, snappy bell peppers, havarti and a heavy swipe of nose tingling horseradish.

Also on the menu: A vegetarian hummus sandwich, a peanut butter-and-honey, turkey breast and pesto, and smoked ham and gruyere sandwich.

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Where: 5602 S. Lawrence St., Tacoma.

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