Grocery store in Milton to close for the third time in two years

The Albertsons grocery store in Milton is closing — again.

For the third time in a little over two years, the grocery store at 2800 Milton Way will shutter its doors. The last day for the store is Saturday, Sept. 9, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The reason? Poor performance according to a statement from the company.

“Decisions like these are only made after we have exhausted our efforts to turn a store around, and in this area, the competition was too significant to sustain the Albertsons store,” the statement reads.

A handful of supervisors and 72 unionized workers will lose their jobs, said Nathe Lawver, spokesman for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 367.

“We’ve put together some rapid-response meetings for employees to discuss options,” including unemployment payments and job retraining, Lawver said.

In 2015, the store operated as an Albertsons. That changed in May that year when it closed briefly and reopened as a Haggen.

Then the sale of nearly a dozen Haggen stores was approved by a bankruptcy court in late 2015, throwing the store and three others nearby back under the Albertsons brand.

“It’s been a huge hit to their morale,” Lawver said of the rapidly shifting store ownership. “Here we go again with folks having to change stores, learn new co-workers or there’s a possibility some of them may be out of a job.”

The Milton store is the only one closing in Pierce County, the Albertsons spokeswoman wrote.

The company is seeking a new tenant for the space, she wrote.

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