Drink from Hidden Valley keg while wearing Taco Bell, then sleep on a KFC pillowcase

Taco Bell is among the food brands promoting their own clothing lines.
Taco Bell is among the food brands promoting their own clothing lines. Associated Press file, 2017

Remember that report about Kroger’s fashion line coming next fall, 2018?

Why wait when you can now explore the Forever 21 Taco Bell collection.

Or, the Hidden Valley Ranch holiday outlet with clothing.

Food and beverage brands are embracing the everyday in clothing and household items to expand their reach with consumers, and the pace seems to have picked up since 2016’s Cheetos earrings that sold for $20.000.

From Hidden Valley mini kegs ($50) and holiday ranch fountains with skirt ($110) to a shiny, purple Taco Bell Anorak, (sold out, but available on eBay) these are now a few of our favorite things.

A sampling, some of which are from a recent CNBC overview:

▪ KFC pillowcase: “If your dream is to have a bunch of dreams while lying face-to-face with a Colonel whose dream of building a fried chicken empire actually came true, well then, you’re in luck.” $14.

▪ White Castle ornament: “Laser engraved with the White Castle logo.” $17.95.

▪ Coca-Cola clutch purse: $35.99.

▪ Design your own M&Ms with a machine dispenser: Because “balloons pop and flowers fade.” Prices vary.

▪ Grimace holiday ornament from McDonald’s: $5.99.

While some of this could be considered millennial brand outreach, other types are tapping into retail nostalgia for other generations. Among them:

▪ 2017 collectible Pepsi Santa: $69.99.

▪ Campbell Kids Memory Globe: $8.97. Or, how about a Campbell’s Beefsteak pillow? $39.95.

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