Tacoma-Pierce County economic development board votes to endorse $12 minimum wage in Tacoma

The Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County has voted to support the $12 minimum wage initiative in Tacoma, acknowledging it believes voters will approve some sort of wage increase.

Not only is the board endorsing the $12 measure, its resolution opposes the measure that would raise it to $15. Both wage floors will appear on the ballot Nov. 3.

The resolution approved by the board, which has three dozen members representing almost all major businesses in Pierce County, notes that it is “highly likely that voters will be inclined to increase the minimum wage when given the chance.”

It goes on to say that the $12 increase over 24 months gives businesses time to plan for the increase and avoid potential layoffs. The board opposes the $15 measure because it would “immediately make Tacoma the highest minimum wage city in the United States” among other things.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber also has endorsed the $12 measure.

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