Tacoma, Pierce and statewide retail sales rise in Q2

Tacoma and Pierce County followed a statewide trend of increased retail sales in the second quarter when compared with the same quarter in 2014, the state Department of Revenue said in a release this week.

At $3.46 billion, taxable retail sales rose 8.85 percent in Pierce County during the quarter, adding to a statewide increase of 9.4 percent, the department said. Retail trade, at $1.77 billion, rose 8.83 percent in Pierce County while the state saw an increase of 8 percent to $15 billion. Retail trade is a subset of all taxable retail sales.

With taxable retail sales of $1.14 billion, Tacoma recorded an increase of 7.72 percent, and an increase of 8.92 percent, to $577 million, in retail trade.

King County during the quarter marked an increase of 11.34 percent, to $13.59 billion, in taxable retail sales, and an increase of $5.13 billion, or 7.37 percent, in retail trade.

Clark County saw the largest increase in both taxable retail sales and retail trade, up 14.98 percent and 14 percent respectively.

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