Protect yourself from pool accidents

Pool owners take note: The Northwest Insurance Council is out this week warning that “a good time can turn tragic if you don’t exercise safety and responsibility.”

More than 3,500 people drown each year, the council said in a release, and that works out to an average of about 10 deaths per day in the U.S.

One in five drowning victims is a child 14 years old or younger, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a Consumer Product Safety Commission 2016 report notes that 77 percent of those youths who died were younger than age 5.

Injuries to guests using a homeowner’s pool are covered by the homeowners insurance policy up to the limits of the policy’s liability coverage, and liability coverage also will pay legal defense costs up to the coverage limits.

The council offers a few tips for homeowners with pools.

▪ Let your insurance company know if you’ve recently installed a pool, because a pool increases liability risk and you may need to increase your coverage.

▪ Never leave small children unsupervised anywhere near the pool.

▪ Install fencing to reduce the chance that young children or others might use the pool without your knowledge.

▪ Do not allow children to swim near pool filters, as the suction force may injure them or prevent them from surfacing.

▪ Inspect the pool area regularly for glass bottles, toys or other potential hazards.

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