When it comes to the best states for teachers, Washington is in middle of the pack

A new ranking places Washington in the middle of the pack when it comes to the best states for teachers.

A WalletHub ranking published Monday included input from nine education experts and says Washington is the 22nd most teacher-friendly state.

New York was first and New Jersey was second in the ranking that considered opportunity and competition for teaching jobs and academic and work environment.

Washington ranked 27th and 18th respectively in those categories.

The only West Coast state in the top 10 was No. 10 Oregon.

Arizona ranked last (51st, Washington, D.C., was included and ranked 36th), ahead of Hawaii and South Carolina.

The panel of experts, all university employees, consisted of four people working at New York colleges and nobody farther west than Colorado (Maria del Carmen Salazar, AssociateProfessor of Teaching and Learning Sciences at the University of Denver).

In July, a WalletHub study ranked Washington 24th among states with the best school systems.

The state with the highest salaries for teachers was Michigan. Vermont had the lowest student-teacher ratio and highest amount of spending per student.

Source: WalletHub