Sea-Tac airport will jettison Ivar’s. New restaurants are on the way

Alaska Airlines airplanes taxi away from the north terminal at SeaTac Airport in SeaTac in 2015.
Alaska Airlines airplanes taxi away from the north terminal at SeaTac Airport in SeaTac in 2015. Staff file

Starting next year, travelers won’t be able to dine on Ivar’s famous seafood while at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The 80-year-old restaurant said in a statement released Wednesday that the Seattle Port Commission has informed it that it did not win bids for space at the airport. Ivar’s has had a store in the airport for 12 years.

“We’re disappointed,” said Ivar’s president Bob Donegan. “We have loved serving our local customers at Sea-Tac and we’re very sorry we won’t be able to continue.”

Ivar’s lost its bids for spaces in the C Concourse and and North Satellite expansion.

In June, the Port announced Ivar’s lost a bid to keep its Fish Bar in the Central Terminal. The news was greeted with outrage as more than 31,000 people voiced their displeasure via email, phone calls and social media. The company posted on its website in June directions for contacting to the Port of Seattle. The bidding process was changed following the complaints, but it did not change the results in the current round of bidding.

The 12-year run in the Central Terminal ended Monday, when all fast food service was shutdown to begin a year-long renovation.

Donegan said it is celebrating its run at the airport by offering free cups of chowder to those who contacted the Port in support of Ivar’s. The company does not plan to lay off any employees. Donegan said Ivar’s will offer jobs to airport workers at its other stores.

In a statement posted Tuesday on the Port’s website, the Port said eight new restaurant will open at the airport later this year. They include Starbucks Evenings, Rel’Lish burger lounge, Papa Woody’s, Stone House Café, Camden Food Co., Le Grand Comptoir, Capitol Hill Food Hall, and Ballard Brew Hall.

The port also announced 10 new restaurants and nine new retail outlets for 2019 and 2020.

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