Tacoma is in for some pounding and a little shaking come November for transit projects

The hammer is about to drop on the start of construction for the Hilltop Tacoma Link extension.

And keep dropping.

“You may feel vibrations,” Sound Transit said in a statement. “You may hear a metal-against-metal noise during the hammering process.”

Sound Transit is expanding its street car operations-and-maintenance facility on East 25th Street near Freighthouse Square. To support a foundation for the expansion, a contractor soon will start pounding pipes deep into the ground.

The pounding will start as early as Nov. 7 and continue for up to two months.

“The contractor will be monitoring for noise and vibration to make sure the work meets the city of Tacoma’s noise and vibration regulations,” Sound Transit said. “We apologize in advance for the noise and any inconveniences.”

The pile driving will take place during daytime hours.

The expansion of Tacoma Link will add 2.4 miles, five street cars and six stations to serve the Hilltop and Stadium districts. It’s expected to begin operating in 2022.

The expanded building will be built next to and east of the existing building where the street cars are currently serviced.

More information can be found at soundtransit.org or Sound Transit’s 24-hour construction hotline: 888-298-2395

Craig Sailor: 253-597-8541, @crsailor