Lime gets another extension to operate in Tacoma; first incident tally released

Lime has a new permit to operate 500 scooters in the Tacoma through Sept. 30. Its previous operating permit expired Jan. 20.

The company’s new permit does not include its e-bikes. According to information from the city’s Public Works Department, Lime told the city that the usage wasn’t high enough to keep them in operation. As of Friday (Feb. 1), all of Lime’s bikes had been removed from city streets.

Competing scooter company Bird has a permit to operate in Tacoma until Feb. 11. No word yet whether it will file for an extension. If Bird does pursue an option to stay, it also will receive an extension through Sept. 30, same as Lime.

Separately, the city says the Tacoma Fire Department has been tracking accidents involving the companies’ scooters and bikes since Lime got its initial permit in September 2018.

The tally as of Jan. 7: Nine crashes on record involving scooters, with six requiring trips to the hospital, one where transport was not required and two with unknown outcomes.