Add Nielsen to the list of those interested in your pot purchases

Washington-based Headset is partnering with Nielsen to track cannabis sales trends.
Washington-based Headset is partnering with Nielsen to track cannabis sales trends. dperine@thenewstribune.com

Not to make you paranoid or anything, but your pot purchases are becoming more interesting to marketers.

Cannabis data analytics company Headset, based in Seattle, is partnering with Nielsen Holdings, a global data analytics company you are probably more familiar with when it comes to TV ratings.

“This move comes as Nielsen steadily develops a full suite of cannabis measurement capabilities, inclusive of strategic partnerships and beyond, to help consumer packaged-goods companies monitor the evolution of the legal cannabis space, and the potential impact of legal cannabis sales to better mitigate threats and identify future opportunities,” according to the two companies’ news release.

The companies will create a U.S. Cannabis Market Pulse Report to “provide a thorough overview of the legal recreational cannabis space from its infancy through 2018, including key market dynamics, cannabis-interested consumer perceptions and motivations and insights into cannabis purchase dynamics,” according to the release.

The work is starting “immediately,” according to a representative, and will take into account the legal U.S. markets in individual states and Canada, where sales of recreational cannabis became legal nationwide in October.

Nielsen recently purchased Cannabiz Consumer Group, a consumer insight group that studies the effect of marijuana legalization on spending and shopping trends.

Headset has already established itself with market research studies highlighting trends in Washington and Colorado, the first two states to legalize recreational sales of marijuana. Headset’s analytics can track repeat purchases and purchaser demographics in real time “via our point-of-sale integrations at retail,” according to a statement provided by the company.

Past reports from Headset have looked at issues such as Washington cannabis sales by generation and the revolving door of the budtending industry. A recent report looked at Valentine’s Day cannabis gifts, noting that women spent more in 2018 compared to men.