Forget about spring. We’re going straight to summer this week

A month ago we were digging out from snow. By Tuesday, we’ll be digging around for sunscreen.

Piles of dirty snow are still lurking in shadows around the South Sound from last month’s record snowstorms. But that won’t keep temperatures from reaching 70 in Tacoma on Tuesday. In Olympia, highs are expected to reach 70 on Monday and 72 on Tuesday.

It’ll be a slow build-up to that.

The high in Tacoma on Sunday is forecast at 64, 65 in Olympia, according to the National Weather Service. Skies are predicted to be sunny with a breeze of up to 24 miles per hour.

On Monday, the winds decrease and the high climbs a few degrees. Ready your bikini.

On Tuesday, the mercury is predicted to break into the 70s.

On Wednesday, the first day of spring, rain returns and the high drops back to earth — near 60 in Tacoma, 68 in Olympia.

The rest of the week will see rain and periods of sun, and highs around 60. The lows are expected to stay in the mid 40s.